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Events for our Students

Orientation Week

Members of the MAA Governing Board attend various events throughout the week and meet the incoming first-year class.

White Coat Ceremony

Alumni are invited to attend the White Coat Ceremony in August, where members of the incoming class receive their white coat.

Mentoring Program

The MAA provides a directory of local physicians in most medical specialties who have volunteered to serve as mentors to current medical students.

Community Physician Luncheons

Local alumni are invited to speak to our medical students about their specialty and how they achieve balance between professional responsibilities and family, friends and hobbies. Students have an opportunity to ask questions.

Student Clinician Ceremony

We provide a copy of Maxwell Quick Medical Reference to all medical students when they enter their clinical years.

Match Day

The MAA supports our graduating class and wishes them well on this very important day. We present each graduate with a letter opener when they learn where they have been accepted to residency.


The MAA president speaks on behalf of all alumni on Graduation Day and welcomes our graduates to our special network.

Sponsorships for Polity Medical Student Government Organizations

The president of Polity is a guest member on the MAA governing board.

The board also supports select student conferences and meetings.