Gold Humanism Honor Society Richard Sarkin, MD—Medical Emeritus Faculty Chapter

Medical students, residents and faculty are inducted annually into the society in the Spring.

The Gold Humanism Honor Society honors students and physicians for their commitment to providing excellent, compassionate care, as well as for their dedication to patients and families.


The 2018 recipient of the Howard M. Goldstein, MD '74 Memorial Humanitarian Scholarship is Diva Bomgaars, Class of 2018.  This scholarship honors a fourth year medical student who demonstrates a humanitarian spirit and dedication to the welfare of others. 

2018 Inductees

Class of 2019 Students
Laura Ackerman
Emily Benton
Joel Braverman
Brittany Cesar
Samantha Davidson
Caroline Gorka
Timothy Hansen
Moudi Hubeishy
Joseph Iluore
Austin Iovoli
Andrew Knapp
Christine Robertson
Mattie Rosi-Schumacher
Patrick Salemme
Shannon Schmit
Jillian Smith
Alicia Supernault
Grace Trompeter
Kailyn Violanti
Christopher Wilhelm  

Matthew Anger, MD, Ophthalmology
Isuan Asikhia, MD, Child Psychiatry
Sarmad Baloch, MBBS, Family Medicine
Magdalena Bax, DO, Emergency Medicine
William Du, MD, Internal Medicine
Michael Ernst, MD, Urology
Elle Fisch, MD, OBGYN
Nader Hanna, MD, Medicine
Babitha Haridas, MBBS, Pediatrics
Timothy Harris, MD, Pediatrics
Natalie Gugino, MD, Psychiatry
Patrick Jowdy, MD, Neurosurgery
Harjit Kaur, DO, Family Medicine
Patrick Kenney, MD, Medicine
Sahoor Khan, MBBS, Internal Medicine
Dimitrios Koudoumas, MD, Vascular Surgery
Simon Lucaj, MD, Psychiatry
Michael Pham, DO, Internal Medicine
Kavitha Prezzano, MD, Radiation Oncology
Michael Shu, MD, OBGYN
Taryn Spencer, MD, Medicine
Gregory Stoltzfus, DO, Anesthesiology
Cyrus Tanhaee, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiology
Kim Tran, DO, Family Medicine
Kunal Vakharia, MD, Neurosurgery
Susana Vargas-Pinto, MD, Surgery

Weidun Alan Guo, MD, PhD, FACS, Surgery
Dori Marshall, MD '97, Psychiatry
Paula Del Regno, MD, Psychiatry
Augustine J. Ryan Jr. MD, Medicine/Endocrinology
Lynn Steinbrenner, MD, Medicine
Andrew Symons, MD '02 Family Medicine
David Thomas, MD, Family Medicine
Wayne Waz, MD, Pediatric Nephrology