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UB 2020 Collaborative Research

Photo of Mark Sutton and student at work in his lab.

Kenneth Blumenthal, PhD, chair and professor of biochemistry, serves as head of the Faculty Advisory Committee of MRBSB. He led initial efforts to develop it and has directed its evolution since its inception in 2005, along with biochemistry professor Richard Gronostajski, PhD. Currently, most of the faculty are active participants in strength seminars and symposia.

UB 2020’s impact on education

Our faculty lead efforts to develop new courses that address many aspects of molecular recognition, including undergraduate and graduate courses in gene annotation and bioinformatics.

Biochemistry faculty organize and participate in international symposia sponsored by the MRBSB, and continue to lead new initiatives in education and research.

While the MRBSB includes essential contributions from faculty outside our department, leadership from biochemistry has been crucial to its success.

MRBSB research image

This faculty-led research group is dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology and molecular nature of disease by using small molecules, molecular structures, and pharmacodynamic approaches to understanding the complex nature of biological systems.