Amy Jacobs, PhD

Amy Jacobs studies the proteins on the surface of the HIV virus and how they get the virus into the cell.

Amy Jacobs loves Buffalo for many reasons—including the weather.

“I hate to break it to everybody, but the winter’s not that cold here. The Midwest gets down to -10 and -20 and the wind chill would be -40. That’s cold. So it’s warm here with snow. What could be better? The other thing we do is sail. So I have an inland sea and snow. It’s wonderful. The people are nice and laid back. This environment is perfect for us. We couldn’t ask for more. What a beautiful climate.”

These seasonal pursuits are wedged in among her work, which is always percolating in her mind. “It’s good to love what you do,” she says. “I hope also that I can give back and be part of bringing more biotech to downtown Buffalo.”