Medical School Admissions

Admitted students have shared with us their fear of not being able to make it to Buffalo in time to start medical school.

We understand that it may be difficult to make plans for your arrival in Buffalo.

Courses are being offered online for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.  

For specific details on university operations and policies, visit the University at Buffalo COVID-19 FAQs webpage, part of the official channel of COVID-19 communication for the entire UB community.

Fall 2020 Semester Will Start On Time

We have not changed the academic calendar. We are anticipating regular enrollment for fall 2020.

Will courses be distance education/online learning or on-campus?

Fall 2020 courses are scheduled to be delivered in their original format.

We are evaluating which courses may be converted to online or distance education to best serve our students.

Test Scores and Other Application Requirements

Admissions testing has been suspended where I am. What should I do?

The last March MCAT and all MCAT exam administrations through May 21 been cancelled. 

What if I can’t get my final transcript and proof of degree?

We understand there may be disruptions in services at other institutions related to COVID-19. We will evaluate each situation and be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Deferred Admission

Can I defer my admission to spring 2021 or fall 2021?

Our medical education program starts in August.

Rarely, we consider a one-year deferment for students in extraordinary circumstances. If you believe this would be necessary for you, please email us at to discuss your reason(s) for requesting a deferral, and we will give your request due consideration.

We will contact you directly via email if any changes occur that affect your program.

We will also share updates via this page.