Current Research

Our current research activities.

Ultrasound Identification of Successful Endotracheal Tube Placement by Paramedics and Residents.
Michael C. O‘Brien, MD; Penelope C. Lema, MD; Julianna Wilson, DO; Brian Clemency, DO.

Evaluation of the HealthiER Community Health Worker Program.
Anthony J. Billittier, MD; Julianna Wilson, DO.

Catheter Length for Emergency Prehospital Needle Decompression: A Meta Analysis.
Brian Clemency, DO; Joseph A. Bart, DO; Christopher Tanski, MD; Heather Lindstrom PhD.

Outcomes of EMS Backboarding.
Brian Clemency, DOJoseph A. Bart, DO; Christopher Tanski, MD; Alexis Graves-Sciarrino, MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

How Many Patients Per Hour Does a Senior Resident See?
Brian Clemency, DO; Samuel D. Cloud, DO; Christian R. DeFazio, MDJeanne M. Basior, MD.

Can Paramedics Perform Emergency Severity Index (ESI) Triage?
Brian Clemency, DO; Christopher Tanski, MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

Car Ratings Take a Back Seat to Vehicle Type: Outcomes of SUV vs. Passenger Car Crashes.
Dietrich Jehle, MD.

Non-Traumatic Dental Complaints in the Emergency Department.
Heather Lindstrom, PhD; Michael A. Manka Jr., MD.

Biomarker Prediction of Important Healthcare Outcomes in Patients with Alcohol-Related Hospitalization.
Regina Makdissi, MDMichael A. Manka Jr., MD.

Impact of an Electronic Laboratory Order Set on Emergency Department Syphilis Screening.
Michael A. Manka Jr., MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

Physician Impact on Time to Patient Disposition in Emergency Department.
Robert F. McCormack, MD; Daniel J. Fahey, MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

Comparison of Responses to a Pandemic Emergency.
Ron Moscati, MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

The Impact of Health Care Reform on Emergency Visits and Access to Care.
Ron Moscati, MD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

Naloxone Usage by Emergency Medical Services Personnel as a Public Health Surveillance Tool: A Retrospective Validation Study.
Ryan Snyder, MD; Ronald Moscati, MD; Brian Clemency, DO; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.

A Retrospective Parent-Report of Onset, Interventions, and Clinical Course of Children Identified with Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome and Related Conditions.
Janice Tona, PhD; Heather Lindstrom, PhD.