Thomas A. Russo, MD

Vice Chair for Finance

Thomas Russo, MD.

As vice chair for finance, Thomas A. Russo, MD, is responsible for various health care-related business activities utilizing his perspective as a physician. He collaborates with administrators and providers to achieve the desired goals.

Ongoing efforts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Development and implementation of a bonus-compensation plan that measures provider performance and distributes annual bonuses to providers that exceed preset goals. Progress reports are distributed to providers on a quarterly basis to ensure providers are aware of and can track their progress.
  2. Development of business plans for all new clinical providers.
  3. Development and review of plans for salary adjustments for all providers on an annual basis as well as on an interval basis as needed.
  4. Development of new clinical programs designed to improve patient care, expand patient access to care, and develop plans to initiate new clinical services needed for patients in the community.
  5. Development of a systems-based approach for optimizing documentation of care and billing for services provided.
  6. Development of a systems-based approach for ensuring reimbursement from health care partners for services provided.
  7. Development of policies as needed for the optimization of patient care and access.
  8. Coordination of the distribution of GME funds across the departmental divisions.
  9. Review of the department’s monthly financial statement with the finance team and identifying areas for fiscal improvement.
  10. Meets regularly with the billing team to discuss and advise on optimal practices.
  11. Coordinates and monitors Supplemental Income Disclosures.

New challenges constantly arise. This position is designed to develop solutions for whatever additional health care-related business issues require attention.

Russo is a professor of medicine and an active NIH-funded physician-scientist. He is also the chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and participates in patient care. His experience in these venues and broad perspective on the priorities and missions of an academic department are used to guide him in accomplishing the financial goals of this position. Russo completed a course in health care management in 2015 to further assist with performing these activities.