Roberto O. Diaz Del Carpio, MD, MPH

Vice Chair for Quality and Safety

Jamie Nadler, MD.

As vice chair for quality and safety, Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD, MPH, is responsible for developing an overall strategy for quality improvement as well as maximizing patient safety associated with care provided by the department.

His responsibilities include:

  1. Provide oversight and coordination of quality and safety programs within the department.
  2. Coordinate the selection and development of faculty in outpatient clinics and hospital-based operations who will lead quality improvement in their respective domains.
  3. Work with department trainees in conjunction with the GMEC to mentor them in quality and safety projects.
  4. Oversee the development of electronic reporting systems that will help track quality improvement in the outpatient setting.
  5. Work with hospital administration on the improvement and utilization of their electronic reporting systems for quality             improvement.
  6. Assist in the selection of metrics to be used to track quality improvement in the hospital setting, estimation of the savings to the hospitals and determination of gain sharing for the department.
  7. Work with the vice chair for finance on patient-centered medical home (PCMH), meaningful use (MU), and other primary care    and electronic health record initiatives to maximize incentives received by the department.