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Transplant Surgery

  • Kayler LK, Keller MM, Narvaez RF, Dolph B, Feeley TH. ilearnKAS: An Animated Video to Educate African Americans about Key Concepts of Kidney Allocation. Clinical Transplantation. 2019;33(8): PMID: 31206193
  • Narvaez JRF***, Noyes K, Nie J, Kayler LK. Outcomes of DCD Kidneys Recovered for Transplantation with versus withut pre-mortem heparin administration. Clin Transplant 2019
  •  Kumar D, Chin-Hong P, Kayler LK, Wojciechowski D, Limaye AP et al. A prospective multicenter observational study of cell-mediated immunity as a predictor for cytomegalovirus infection in kidney transplant recipients. Am J Transplant 2019.

Vascular Surgery