Jason Eng.

Jason Eng


Immunology, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


PhD Thesis Title: Examining the Impact of Stress and β-adrenergic Signaling on Mouse Models of Cancer (completed 2014)

My project focuses on exploring the cause behind specific discrepancies in therapeutic response observed in pre-clinical mouse models and humans. In particular, I am examining how classical stress responses and the immune system may alter the ability for tumors to undergo apoptosis in response to treatment and skew data in these animal studies. These alterations in experimental therapeutic efficacy could have significant implications for the success or failure of novel drugs in the treatment of cancer.

Residency Placement

Internal Medicine, University of Illinois, College of Medicine, Chicago

Undergraduate Education

Molecular Biology/Genetics and Asian American Studies,
Northwestern University

Thesis Advisor


  • Eng JW-L, Kokolus KM, Reed CB, Hylander BL, Ma WW, Repasky EA. The Nervous Microenvironment: The Impact of Adrenergic Signaling on Tumor Cells, Immunosuppression and the Response of Immunotherapies, (Review) 2014 (Under Revision) 
  • Eng JW-L*, Mace TA*, Sharma R, Gibbs JF, Pitoniak R, Twum DYF, Reed CB, Abrams SI, Repasky EA, Hylander BL. Use of the Patient Pancreatic Xenografts to Evaluate the Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Tumor Response to Death Receptor Targeting Therapies. 2015 (In preparation). (*Authors contributed equally to this work)
  • Leigh ND* and Kokolus KM*, Eng JW-L, O’Neill R, Qiu J, Chen GL, McCarthy PL, Cao XF, Repasky EA. The β2-Adrenergic Stress Response Controls Severity of Graft versus Host Disease. The Journal of Immunology, 2015 (Under Revision).
  • Repasky EA, Eng JW-L, Hylander BH. Stress, Metabolism, and Cancer: Integrated Pathways Contributing to Immune Suppression. The Cancer Journal, May 2015; 21(2):98-103.
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  • Eng JW-L, Reed CB, Kokolus KM, Pitoniak R, Utley AT, Bucsek MJ, Ma WW, Repasky EA, Hylander BL. Housing Temperature-Induced Stress Alters Baseline Therapeutic Responses in Murine Tumor Models through β2-adrenergic Receptor Activation. Nature Communications, March 2015; 10.1038/ncomms7426. (Publication selected for journal highlight)
  • Eng JW-L*and Reed CB*, Kokolus KM, Repasky EA. Housing Temperature Influences the Pattern of Heat Shock Protein Induction in Mice following Mild Whole Body Hyperthermia. International Journal of Hyperthermia, December 2014; 30(8):540-546. (*Authors contributed equally to this work)
  • Eng JW-L, Kokolus KM, Reed CB, Hylander BL, Ma WW, Repasky EA. The Nervous Microenvironment: The Impact of Adrenergic Signaling on Tumor Cells, Immunosuppression and the Response of Immunotherapies. Cancer Immunology Immunotherapies, November 2014; 63(11): 1115-1128.
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Professional/Educational Meetings/Abstracts

  • Jason W Eng, Aharon Solomon, Yousaf Mian, Hamid Band, Search for Novel E2 and E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Regulators of Notch Signaling in Caenorhabditis Elegans, Poster Presentation, Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Conference, 14 April 2007
  • Jason W-L Eng, Chelsey B Reed, Kathleen M Kokolus, Mark Bucsek, Rose Pitoniak, Adam T Utley, Wen Wee Ma, Elizabeth A Repasky, Bonnie L Hylander*. Environmental temperature-induced chronic stress drives therapeutic resistance in murine tumor models through β2-adrenergic receptor activation. Poster at AACR Special Conference on Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy, Orlando, FL, 2014. *The work was presented by the indicated author
  • Jason W. Eng, Chelsey B. Reed, Rose Pitoniak, Elizabeth A. Repasky, Bonnie L. Hylander, Understanding the Impact of Metabolic Cold Stress on the Therapeutic Response of Tumors, Poster Presentation, American Association for Cancer Research Special Conference: The Translational Impact of Model Organisms in Cancer, San Diego, CA, 5-8th November 2013
  • Jason W Eng, Chelsey Reed, Kathleen M Kokolus, Rose Pitoniak, Bonnie L Hylander, Elizabeth A Repasky*. Uncovering a connection between physiological stress and therapeutic resistance in tumor cells. Poster at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 28th Annual Meeting, National Harbor, MD 2013. *The work was presented by the indicated author
  • Jason Eng, Chelsey Reed, Rose Pitoniak, Elizabeth A Repasky, Bonnie L Hylander. Understanding the Impact of Cold Stress on Tumor Response to Therapies. Talk at the Annual Meeting for the Society of Thermal Medicine. Oranjestad, Aruba 2013.
  • Jason Eng, Rama Dey-Rao, Rose Pitoniak, Elizabeth A Repasky, Bonnie L. Hylander. Ambient Housing Temperature of Mice Affects Response of Tumors to Therapeutics, Poster and Session Talk at 15th Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania 2012
  • Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine 2013; Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium 2013; Silver Springs, PA
  • Gigi Shaw Arledge Conference on Pancreatic Disease 2013; New York City, NY
  • Buffalo Immunology Conference 2012; Ellicotville, NY
  • 1st Annual Western New York Stem Cell Symposium 2012; Buffalo, NY


  • Co-winner (with Chelsey Reed) of the International Journal of Hyperthermia Young Investigator Editor’s Award for Biology
  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Excellence in Research Award
  • American Medical Association Foundation Seed Grant Research Award
  • Post-Baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award (National Institutes of Health)

Medical School Activities

  • Friends of Night People Clinic Coordinator
  • Lighthouse Clinic Volunteer

Extracurricular Interests

Skiing/Snowboarding, Cooking/Food, Reading, Running