In-Class Labs

Our fully equipped lab classrooms give basic sciences students hands-on experience with research tools and techniques.

Students using microscopes

Medical students view blood samples through light microscopes in a school lab.

Practical Learning

We have 10 microbiology and pathology labs and six neurology and histology labs, as well as a number of interdisciplinary and clinical lab sciences facilities. Students learn to perform a variety of fundamental research techniques:

  • microbiological cultures
  • tissue cultures
  • sample preparation and staining
  • electrophysiology studies

Anatomical demonstrations lay the groundwork for more in-depth learning in the Gross Anatomy Lab and its associated courses.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our labs take science learning well beyond Bunsen burners and beakers. In addition to standard lab equipment and supplies, our students work with high-quality digital microscopes that display what’s under their lenses as a live video feed. An entire class can see the same specimen, examining and discussing it together. Five-headed microscopes facilitate small-group collaborative learning, with groups of students working with samples together.

These systems let you capture video and images directly for later use as study aids and inclusion in research projects. Additionally, our digital video distribution system lets faculty broadcast images from one classroom into others.