Student Clubs

Student organizations help our undergraduates learn, make professional connections and give back to their communities.

  • 5/3/17
    National honor society for pre-health students that sponsors programs so members can learn about their chosen profession and meet people established in the field.
  • 5/3/17
    Connects premedical students with each other and manages a shadowing program to help students see firsthand what a physician’s life is like.
  • 6/19/14
    The medical school’s a cappella singing group. The group welcomes all interested UB students.
  • 5/27/16
    Connects undergraduate pharmacology students socially and academically, and helps them learn about graduate opportunities in pharmacology and toxicology and the other biomedical sciences at UB.
  • 5/27/16
    Dedicated to advancing healthy initiatives through proactive engagement and high-impact volunteer work, this organization helps emerging leaders improve their communities.
  • 4/11/16
    Fosters camaraderie among students with an interest in biology, facilitates communication between faculty and students, and helps students take advantage of the many research opportunities at UB.