Faculty Profiles

Thomas, Cimato
Cimato, Thomas, MD, PhDAssociate Professor
Email: tcimato@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-829-2663

Specialty/Research Focus:
Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Critical Care Medicine; Cardiopulmonary physiology; Cardiac pharmacology

Research Summary:
I care for patients with diagnoses across the spectrum of heart disease at the UBMD Internal Medicine practice group in Amherst NY, the Buffalo General Medical Center Heart and Lung Clinic, and the Cardiac Care Unit in the Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC). My specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of congestive heart failure: I integrate information from multiple cardiac diagnostic studies to coordinate treatment for my patients with interventional cardiologists, heart rhythm specialists and heart surgeons. I am trained as an Advanced Heart Failure specialist and I am experienced in the treatment of patients with cardiac transplants and ventricular assist devices. In the Cardiac Care Unit I oversee patients with acute congestive heart failure, most often after myocardial infarction. In the outpatient clinics I manage medical and device therapy for heart failure and perform cardiopulmonary stress testing to identify patients who need advanced heart failure therapies including left ventricular assist devices or cardiac transplantation. I am involved in multi-center clinical trials in treatment of heart failure. I study the role of hematopoietic system and inflammation in repair of heart attacks and the failing heart via my own independent research, and in collaboration with pharmaceutical firms. I am a peer reviewer for several leading global journals in Cardiology, and review research grant applications for the NIH and American Heart Association. I teach and supervise Internal Medicine residents and Cardiology Fellows in all facets of my clinical practice: during inpatient hospital care in the Cardiac Care Unit, while interpreting cardiac imaging studies, and in my outpatient practice. I also teach and mentor young scientists involved in research.

Philippe, Jaoude
Jaoude, Philippe, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: pea@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-862-7366

Specialty/Research Focus:
Critical Care Medicine; Internal Medicine - General; Pulmonary; Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine; Sleep Medicine

Research Summary:
I provide intensive care to patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), I care for adult patients with pulmonary diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/emphysema, asthma, sarcoidosis, cough, lung nodules, pneumonitis and bronchitis, and patients with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and restless legs syndrome. I have a special interest in the value of good physician-patient communication, and its effect on outcomes. Explaining disease process to patients, listening to their concerns and involving them in their medical decisions may have a positive effect on the results of treatment and interventions, and on their outcomes. I emphasize the importance of physician-patient communication with the students, residents and fellows I teach, train and mentor. I teach medical students in small group sessions in their first and second years, including courses in respiratory pathophysiology. Third- and fourth-year students rotate with me in the ICU and on the pulmonary service. I also supervise residents in the ICU and on the pulmonary consult service, and I mentor pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine fellows in all aspects of their training. My sleep medicine research interest is focused on the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease in patients with sleep breathing disorders, and on the interplay between PTSD and sleep disorders. My pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine research focuses on the relation between PTSD and Critical illness, and on pneumonia. Fellows are welcome to work with me on research projects.

Archana, Mishra
Mishra, Archana, MD, MS, FACP, FCCPClinical Associate Professor
Email: amishra@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 862 8634

Specialty/Research Focus:
Critical Care Medicine; Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine; Internal Medicine; Pulmonary; Sleep Medicine

Research Summary:
My clinical responsibilities include serving as an intensivist to patients requiring critical care and participating in the care of hospitalized patients with pulmonary problems at the Buffalo VA Medical Center (Buffalo VAMC). I also diagnose and manage outpatients with sleep problems at the Buffalo VAMC. My clinical research interests include asthma in the elderly and the impact of passive smoke on respiratory health. I also have been exploring novel appreciative assessment approaches to raise resilience and prevent burnout in faculty and medical trainees. In addition, I have a keen interest in working on strategies to enhance faculty mentoring skills. In addition to my clinical and research responsibility, I am passionate about educating future generations of health care professionals, and I help train and mentor medical students from the first to final year of medical school. I am one of the seminar leaders for the Clinical Practice of Medicine course. As such, I help train first-year students in clinical skills. I also play an active role in mentoring medical students, helping them to develop into compassionate and well-rounded physicians who have sound clinical skills as well as the humanistic qualities that are exhibited in the best medical care. As a member of the steering committee for the medical school’s Center for Medical Humanities, I am involved in designing a humanistic curriculum to prepare the next generation of physicians. I facilitate sessions with second- and third-year medical students, with the goal of supporting and fostering humanism. I teach students how to develop their ability to use self-awareness of knowledge, skill and emotional limitations in order to engage in appropriate help-seeking behaviors. As the associate clerkship director in internal medicine, I run “brain teasers” sessions to excite and activate my students as they embark on their clerkship journey into medicine. I conduct lectures and small group sessions in pulmonary and critical care medicine, on topics such as asthma, chest x-ray interpretation, pulmonary function testing and shock--and on topics diverse from my subspecialty such as rheumatology, infectious disease and hematology. In addition, I teach medicine residents and the pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine fellowship trainees who rotate with me on the inpatient and outpatient services. As a preceptor and member of the Resident Clinical Competency Committee, I provide support and career advice to residents during their training. I believe the ability to think creatively is essential in the medical field, and I strive to help students and physicians-in-training overcome creative barriers. I develop methods to guide students to think “out of the box” and to be inquisitive, and I encourage them to apply these skills to help recognize problems, solve medical cases and design research and clinical treatment.

Jahan, Porhomayon
Porhomayon, Jahan, MD, FCCP, FCCMClinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Email: jahanpor@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-862-6079

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anesthesiology; Critical Care Medicine; Cardiac pharmacology

Research Summary:
My clinical practice focuses on the management of critically ill patients, working in intensive care unit at the VAMC. I previously Practiced at the Rochester General Hospital, as the medical director of surgical critical care services.The experience equipped me with a wealth of expertise in caring for individuals from diverse medical and surgical conditions from around the world. I am responsible for the hospital care of patients at VAMC, where I work with anesthesiology, medicine,pulmonary critical care and cardothoracic anesthesia fellows. I provide complete inpatient management of critically adults adults. I enjoy teaching and research components of my faculty role, which include mentoring students, working with pre-med and medical students, and conducting research projects centering on management of critically adult population. I am collaborating with other medical professionals at the VAMC to conduct clinical trials as well as conducting original ressearch in critical care medicine. As of 2014, I am the medical Co-director of the medical intensive care unit and provide frequent consulation for clinicians engaging in translational and clinical research. My research focus mostly is centered on perioperative management of patient with obstructive sleep apnea.