Faculty Profiles

Roberto, Diaz Del Carpio
Diaz Del Carpio, Roberto, MD, MPHClinical Assistant Professor
Email: rod2@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-871-1571

Specialty/Research Focus:
Internal Medicine; Public Health and General Preventive Medicine

Research Summary:
I am a primary care physician specialized in both internal medicine and preventive medicine. As a member of the UBMD Internal Medicine primary care team, I see patients at the Hertel-Elmwood Internal Medicine Center. My clinical work focuses on providing high value care for patients with acute and complex chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and hypertension. I have worked as a physician in both Peru and the United States, and my ability to speak English and Spanish fluently—in addition to my multicultural background--allows me to relate to, and care effectively for a broad patient population. My ability to reach across cultural divides helps build trust in my patients, an essential component in rendering individualized, compassionate care. I have a special interest in translating evidence-based innovations, using quality improvement tools, to enhance the care of patients with multiple chronic diseases. I am interested in research that strives to understand the social determinants of health, i.e., how socioeconomic circumstances, neighborhood environments and psychosocial factors affect the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions. I am specifically interested in how social determinants affect the treatment of patients with Type 2 diabetes. My goal in this research is to understand the multiple factors affecting health and wellness in order to help ameliorate the disparities found in the health care of vulnerable populations. I train medical students and residents as they rotate in the Hertel-Elmwood Internal Medicine Center. I emphasize to trainees that building a healing longitudinal relationship with patients is as important as mastering the science of medicine in delivering effective and compassionate patient care. Furthermore, I encourage trainees to look not only “downstream” for the causes of diseases but “upstream” as well in order to offer holistic approaches for the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect our Buffalo and Western New York community.

Xiaozhong, Wen
Wen, Xiaozhong, PhDAssistant Professor
Email: xiaozhon@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 829-6811

Specialty/Research Focus:
Pediatrics; Public Health and General Preventive Medicine; Behavioral Medicine

Research Summary:
My current research focuses on epidemiologic analyses and interventions related to obesity. I am particularly interested in the developmental origins of obesity and cardio-metabolic diseases, including maternal diet,smoking,and other lifestyle during pregnancy, placenta, intrauterine growth, epigenetics, and infancy growth. I am also very interested in clinical intervention for pediatric obesity. Below are my ongoing research projects: 1) Etiological subgroups of small-for-gestational-age: differential childhood physical and cognitive development; 2) Vegetarian diet during pregnancy and prevention of gestational diabetes and offspring obesity; 3) Smoking cessation during pregnancy and lactation and offspring outcomes; 4) Infant diet and health; 5) Toddler‘s self-regulation and later healthy behaviors.