Faculty Profiles

Liise, Kayler
Kayler, Liise, MDProgram Director Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation
Email: liisekay@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 289-8255

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Transplantation; Surgery - Transplant

Research Summary:
I conduct clinical outcomes research on hospital- and population-based data with a focus on donor selection, kidney transplantation outcomes, and delivery of high quality care. Over the last decade my research has focused on donor selection. In retrospective cohort studies of national and single center data I have examined outcomes of kidneys perceived to be suboptimal such as those declined by local centers and transplanted elsewhere, kidneys with prolonged cold ischemia time, small pediatric donor kidneys, dual kidney engraftments, kidneys with chronic lesions, donation after cardiac death donors, and donors with acute kidney injury in order to provide evidenced-based data on the magnitude of the risks associated with utilization of specific types of organs. As a result of these analyses, changes in perception of donor quality have resulted in increased kidney utilization at the centers where I have worked and invitations to share my work at other programs as well as national meetings. My research findings in this area have had a positive effect in the transplant realm since my work provides empiric evidence of acceptable outcomes of various types of kidneys that have traditionally been rejected, thus providing a basis for increased kidney utilization. With knowledge and expertise acquired through matriculation at the University of Michigan with a Masters in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis I am able to analyze data myself or communicate effectively with a biostatistician. During the last 14 years I have either conducted or participated in 85 retrospective and 17 prospective studies of transplant outcomes.

Sunil, Patel
Patel, Sunil, MD, FRCSEdClinical Assistant Professor
Email: sunilpat@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-3337

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery - Transplant

Research Summary:
Multiorgan transplant surgeon trained in the adult and pediatric abdominal organ transplantation. Current practice at the University at Buffalo encompasses: Kidney and pancreas transplantation Living donor nephrectomies Deceased donor organ recovery General surgery Vascular access and placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters for dialysis Parathyroidectomies Research interest: Improving donor organ selection and preservation.

Ahmad, Zaaroura
Email: ahmadzaa@buffalo.edu
Phone: (919) 316-8193

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Transplant; Transplantation