Faculty Profiles

Brian, McGrath
Email: bem4@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 204-3217

Specialty/Research Focus:
Orthopaedic Surgery; Lower Extremity Joint Replacement & Reconstruction; Adult Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Hip Arthroscopy

Research Summary:
My clinical practice is divided between musculoskeletal oncology and hip reconstruction. The two halves of my practice compliment themselves nicely to maximize my analysis of all aspects of my patients care. Orthopedic oncology focuses on the care and treatment of benign and malignant tumors of bone and soft tissue from infancy to geriatrics while hip reconstruction requires similar in depth knowledge of normal and pathologic anatomy, physiology and kinematics from infancy to geriatrics. I am a clinical professor of orthopedic surgery that specializes in the teaching of minimally invasive hip replacement, arthroscopic management of hip preserving surgery and musculoskeletal oncology. Interaction with the residents stimulates me to keep current with the fund of growing orthopedic knowledge and to investigate what is not yet known. My research efforts are focused on the clinical results of our combined multidisciplinary team approach to our pediatric oncology patients, the advancement of hip arthroscopic techniques and minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. We recently completed our institutional review of our treatment of osteosarcoma with white blood cell stimulating agents and presented it at an international oncology meeting; subsequently we are preparing a multi –institution study. Our latest hip arthroscopy advanced technique, a novel portal bridge technique, is accepted for publication in the journal of sports medicine and we are following that up with a new arthroscopic suture retraction and portal technique. Most exciting is our recently developed minimally invasive Watson-jones approach for total hip replacement which we have recently written up for publication and industry support for education. I am also working on an arthroscopically assisted total hip approach. I joined UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in 1993 and remain most interested in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the hip and the cure of childhood malignant tumors of bone and soft tissue.

Christopher, Mutty
Mutty, Christopher, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: cmutty@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-3944

Specialty/Research Focus:
Adult Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Knee Surgery; Lower Extremity Joint Replacement & Reconstruction; Orthopaedic Surgery; Surgery - Trauma; Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

Research Summary:
As an orthopaedic surgeon, my practice is centered on providing the highest level of orthopaedic care for fractures and lower extremity joint reconstruction. From simple fractures to complex pelvic trauma, I take pride in personally delivering the care my patients need. The same focus on personal care applies to my elective practice performing hip and knee replacement. In addition to seeing and treating patients in Western New York, I enjoy keeping up with current research topics. My research interests include orthopaedic trauma outcomes and pain management in the acute setting, as well as utilization of three dimensional imaging technology in orthopaedic patient assessment and preoperative planning. I joined the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in 2008, and am currently the program director for our residency program. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of training future generations of orthopaedic surgeons. Teaching enriches my practice as it requires me to be at the top of my game and to stay current with the latest practices and techniques in the field.

Matthew, Phillips
Phillips, Matthew, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: mjp12@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 204-3280

Specialty/Research Focus:
Adult Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Arthroplasty; Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Knee Surgery; Lower Extremity Joint Replacement & Reconstruction; Orthopaedic Surgery; Reconstruction

Research Summary:
As a member of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, I have always tried to maintain a healthy balance between my clinical practice, my educational duties, and my research endeavors. By incorporating these three facets into my professional life I believe that I am able to provide the highest quality care to my patients while giving back to the community as a whole through both teaching and scientific research. I subspecialize in hip and knee arthroplasty including complex deformity and revision cases. Hip and knee replacements are some of the most successful procedures in all of medicine today. It is very gratifying to me to be able to restore function and provide pain free mobility to patients who have been afflicted with debilitating arthritis, congenital deformity or post-traumatic joint problems. I have been fortunate to be at the forefront of the development and use of computer navigation for knee replacement. I have also been a leader in the development of less-invasive hip replacement techniques that have allowed patients to go through the surgery process with much less pain and a more rapid recovery. Most of my research activities have been in the area of clinical studies. I believe that it is important to critically look at what we are doing today in order to build upon our current knowledge for an even better tomorrow. Along with Residents, Fellows, and students and in conjunction with our full-time research personnel we are constantly striving to learn better ways to provide quality care to our patients. Education is a large part of my daily professional life. During my own training I came to realize how important it was to have great teachers and mentors. I believe that working in an environment where trainees are constantly questioning what we are doing pushes us to strive for even greater results. I also feel fortunate to play a role in the education of our future physician leaders.

Sridhar, Rachala
Rachala, Sridhar, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: srachala@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 821-4400

Specialty/Research Focus:
Adult Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; General Orthopaedics; Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Knee Surgery; Lower Extremity Joint Replacement & Reconstruction; Orthopaedic Surgery

Research Summary:
I currently serve as a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery with subspecialty interest in lower extremity adult reconstruction. My interest includes taking care of and improving the outcomes for most difficult situations we face in my subspecialty including infections and complex revisions. I am also passionate about improving the outcomes of primary joint replacement and training the future surgeons in good predictable techniques in primary joint replacement thereby decreasing the load of revision surgeries. I primarily operate out of Buffalo General and Kenmore Mercy hospitals and am also actively involved in the value analysis of various implant choices and treatments so that we can provide affordable care by demand matching. We are also involved in various research projects incorporating new techniques to improve clinical outcomes. “Change is inevitable” this is the moto that drives me. The current standard of care will be an outdated concept in future. Just as anything else in medicine, we continue to evolve, especially in our field of orthopaedic surgery, to better diagnose and treat various ailments that cripple our patients there by increasing their productivity and quality of life. We as an organization and me, personally take pride in positioning ourselves at the forefront of this process of evolving into better health care providers while critically evaluating the value of the new treatments and also training the future surgeons to have a solid base to launch further in the advancement of the field. The main focus of my practice is the patient care and improving outcomes by innovation while also educating future surgeons. I feel proud and privileged to be associated with an organization such as UBMD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine that places me in the position and provides me the tools to achieve the goals I strive for.

Mario, Santilli
Santilli, Mario, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: santill@buffalo.edu

Specialty/Research Focus:
Adult Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Hip & Knee Arthroplasty; Knee Surgery; Lower Extremity Joint Replacement & Reconstruction; Orthopaedic Surgery; Reconstruction

Research Summary:
As an orthopedic surgeon my clinical practice focuses on adult hip and knee reconstructive surgery. Practicing in Buffalo for the last thirty-two years has equipped me with a wealth of experience and expertise in caring for patients from diverse cultures from around the globe. I currently see patients out of the UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine office in Amherst, New York, but my primary hospital is the Buffalo General Medical Center. Here I work with orthopedic residents and a dedicated team of orthopaedic nurses, technologists, therapists and social services professionals. I enjoy the teaching component of my faculty role, which includes mentoring of orthopedic residents as well as medical and nursing students. Together with other medical professionals, we promote research projects aimed at improving the care we provide for our patients. I feel fortunate to be an assistant clinical professor for the Department of Orthopaedics, and look forward to many more opportunities to serve the orthopaedic needs of Western New York.