Faculty Profiles

Robert, Ablove
Ablove, Robert, MDClinical Associate Professor
Email: ablove@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-3457

Specialty/Research Focus:
Elbow Surgery; Hand; Hand Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery

Research Summary:
My clinical expertise focuses on upper extremity surgery with an emphasis on shoulder and elbow reconstruction and replacement. I also care for multiple common hand conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren‘s disease, arthritis, trigger finger and tendonitis. I was attracted to orthopaedic surgery because it is problem-focused and gives me the opportunity to restore function and improve people‘s lives. I was initially attracted to upper extremity surgery because of its multifaceted nature, a complex interplay of bone, tendon, nerve and ligaments. I was also attracted by the ability to perform microvascular surgery to help patients. I am most passionate about taking care of people and making their lives better. There is nothing more gratifying than a patient who experiences better function and less pain as a result of my care. I have three research areas. One focus is anatomy research, and my goal is to increase understanding of the structure of joints and soft tissues. I also conduct demographic studies of different types of surgery, with a goal of increasing understanding of how patients can best utilize health resources. My third area of research is the immunohistochemistry of degenerative tendon. Research results will help physicians treat people with degenerative conditions such as arthritis, tennis and golfer‘s elbow. As associate program director of the hand fellowship and co-chair of the resident research committee, I lead fellow and resident research. I direct medical student research as well and run the summer orthopaedic medical student research program. In this ten-week course, students have the opportunity to learn research methodology and conduct research while being mentored by a faculty member, including me. Though I am well known for my clinical expertise in treating complex upper extremity conditions, I value teaching because it compels me to evaluate what I do on a daily basis and assess how to improve it. I also participate in national efforts regarding resident education: I write questions for the hand surgery board examination and serve as a board examiner for the oral boards in orthopaedic surgery. Inspired by Dr. Charles Severin, my mentor during my master’s degree in anatomical sciences at UB, I teach this essential subject to medical students and residents. I serve as course director of the integument-musculoskeletal module for first-year medical students. I feel indebted to my teachers and think about them daily as I work with fellows, residents and medical students.

Geoffrey, Bernas
Bernas, Geoffrey, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: gabernas@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 204-3200

Specialty/Research Focus:
Adolescent Sports Medicine; Arthroscopic Surgery; General Orthopaedics; Hip Arthroscopy; Knee Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery; Sports Medicine

Research Summary:
As a physician specializing in orthopaedics and sports medicine, I focus on a combination of advanced nonoperative and operative techniques to treat injuries in patients of all ages and activity levels. My emphasis is on eliminating pain, preserving joints and restoring function so that my patients can return to their normal activity levels safely and as soon as possible. When surgery is necessary, I use advanced arthroscopic techniques for shoulder, hip and knee reconstruction. I continually try to refine and develop new techniques so that my patients always receive the best possible care. My practice extends outside of the operating room and clinic. I care for athletes at community, high school, college, professional and international sports events, on the sidelines, immediately after their injuries occur. By direct interaction with athletes, “weekend warriors,” parents, coaches and administrators, I help amateur and professional teams, schools and colleges provide safe environments for competition, prevent injury of their athletes and allow for the safe recovery of injured athletes. My research interests include collaboration and multicenter studies to elucidate the best method of treatment for orthopaedic conditions such as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), rotator cuff and sports-related hip problems. I am also very interested in developing a better systems approach to musculoskeletal problems in order to provide highly effective patient-centered health care. I mentor and help develop current and future orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, doctors, physician assistants, athletic trainers and other health care providers. My students are exposed to a worldwide perspective due to my extensive training with many of the thought leaders and physicians in orthopaedics and sports medicine. My commitment to compassion and excellence in patient care and an evidence-based approach to treatment sets an example for my trainees so they can be effective health care providers in the Western New York community and around the world.

Matthew, Binkley
Binkley, Matthew, M.D.Associate Professor of Orthopedics
Email: mtbinkle@buffalo.edu
Phone: 7169065942

Specialty/Research Focus:
Arthroplasty; Elbow Surgery; Shoulder Surgery

Leslie, Bisson
Bisson, Leslie, MDJune A. and Eugene R. Mindell, MD, Professor and Chair Department of Orthopaedics
Email: ljbisson@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 204-3255

Specialty/Research Focus:
Arthroscopic Surgery; Knee Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery; Sports Medicine

Research Summary:
As the June A. and Eugene R. Mindell, MD Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthopaedics, I’m committed to our mission of compassionate care, innovative research, and collaborative education. I joined UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in 2007, and became Chair in 2013. I serve as the Team Physician for both the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, and Team Orthopedist for Buffalo State College. My practice is primarily located at the University Orthopaedic Center in Amherst, New York. I’m highly committed to outstanding clinical care, and strive to provide the most advanced operative and non-operative treatment of orthopaedic sports medicine conditions, using scientifically proven methods, delivered in an empathetic and caring fashion. I intend to strengthen our department’s tradition of excellent clinical training in a team atmosphere, and to grow our research program, especially by using validated outcomes instruments to improve care. In addition to my responsibilities as Chair, I have been the Sports Medicine Fellowship Director since 1999, and enjoy teaching fellows, residents, medical students, and other learners in the clinic, OR, and as a research mentor, and welcome leadership mentoring opportunities. The questions and experiences we share motivate me in the lifelong learning process. My research interests include prospective comparative studies to determine the best methods of orthopaedic care, systematic reviews and meta-analyses to disclose findings which may only become apparent after analysis of pooled data, and anatomic/biomechanical studies that can be put to immediate use to improve patient outcomes.

Matthew, DiPaola
DiPaola, Matthew, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: mdipaola@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-204-2314

Specialty/Research Focus:
Elbow Surgery; General Orthopaedics; Hand Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery

Thomas, Duquin
Duquin, Thomas, MDClinical Associate Professor
Email: trduquin@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-4426

Specialty/Research Focus:
Elbow Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery

Research Summary:
As an orthopaedic surgeon, I care for patients with a range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including acute injuries and chronic degenerative conditions. I received specialty fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in shoulder and elbow surgery, the primary focus of my practice. Specifically, I have expertise in caring for patients with rotator cuff disorders and arthritis of the shoulder and elbow. My practice is located at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC). I care for my outpatients here, and I also care for hospitalized trauma patients from Western New York and beyond who have been transported to ECMC. My overriding goals are to relieve pain and restore function for my patients. My research interests focus on shoulder replacement surgery. I am currently involved in multiple studies: biomechanical evaluation of implant stability and wear in total shoulder and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty; clinical outcomes and the effect of patient expectations on results of total shoulder arthroplasty; diagnosis and treatment of infections in total shoulder arthroplasty; clinical outcomes following revision total shoulder arthroplasty; and a Food and Drug Administration investigational device exemption (FDA IDE) controlled trial of stemless total shoulder arthroplasty. Medical students and residents are welcome to work on research projects with me. I am the director of medical student education for the Department of Orthopaedics. As such, I am responsible for coordinating clinical rotations and organizing physician mentors for medical students. I am also actively involved in resident training and work closely with residents on a daily basis. Additionally, I work on curriculum development for our residency program and am active in resident evaluation. I feel passionately that passing on what I have learned and fostering creative thinking among my medical students and residents are key to the future of medicine and patient care.

Joshua, Jones
Jones, Joshua, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: jljones3@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-204-3200

Specialty/Research Focus:
Elbow Surgery; Hand Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery; Shoulder Surgery

Research Summary:
As an orthopaedic surgeon, my clinical practice focuses on hand and upper extremity surgery. I also perform microsurgery such as nerve repair and microvascular anastomoses, including digital replants. I see patients at UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at both the Amherst and Orchard Park locations, and at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC). I also take orthopaedic trauma call at ECMC, where I treat fractures of the upper and lower extremities. Within UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, I am referred some of the most challenging fractures of the upper extremity, and I treat them all with the highest level of confidence and professionalism. I am dedicated to providing excellent care to my patients, helping them return to work and play and to daily activities that were painful or problematic before. I hope to conduct research related to trauma of the upper extremity and arthritis of the hand, research areas that I have profound interest in. Results from this research will help improve the care of our patients and move forward surgical techniques and interventions. Serving as a faculty member of the Department of Orthopaedics is rewarding. It is gratifying to watch the skill level of my trainees increase, and their knowledge base grow, as they work with me. I am very demanding of the residents I train, and I expect excellence from everyone who works with me. I also demand the same level of performance from myself; by doing so, I set a standard of medical care for the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons.