Faculty Profiles

Shirley, Chang
Chang, Shirley, MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Email: sschang2@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-898-4803

Specialty/Research Focus:
Nephrology; Renal Transplantation

Aijaz, Gundroo
Gundroo, Aijaz, MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Email: medagun@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-4803

Specialty/Research Focus:
Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Renal Transplantation

Jon, Von Visger
Von Visger, Jon, M.D./Ph.D.Medical Director of Renal Transplantation Center of Excellence at Erie County Medical Center
Email: jonvonvi@buffalo.edu
Phone: (614) 607-5081

Specialty/Research Focus:
Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Renal Transplantation

Research Summary:
My main goal is extending and improving native kidney and renal transplant function. Over the last 15 years, I have focused my efforts on transplant renal management and acute kidney injury. I completed my nephrology and transplant training at Harvard in Massachusetts, and have been part of a busy group at The Ohio State University Transplant Center for the last 13 years as an attending and clinical researcher. I recently assumed the Medical Director of Transplant and Renal Services as part of the Erie County Medical Center/University at Buffalo, NY. Hot areas of clinical research concentrate on antibody-mediated rejection, new immune suppression and recurrent diseases post kidney transplant, and prevention and management of acute kidney injury and delayed transplant renal function. Through studies of immune suppression effects and impact on renal function and disease recurrence, we are hoping to improve early graft function and prevent disease recurrence. I have also been participating in novel pharmaceutical studies for management of transplant related injury and infections as well as artificial organ devices for bridge therapies including stem cells and pre-determined precursor kidney cells. My original PhD studies were in Neuroscience, at the University of Maryland Medical System, where I worked on growth factors for central nervous system (brain and spine) regeneration. Unfortunately, CNS injury repair continues to be under developed. The immune system plays a crucial role in the normal competition between true tissue repair and scarring. This recognition and the large population with renal diseases and transplant led me to transition in to kidney diseases and injury repair and transplant. While treatment and recovery from stroke have languished, chronic kidney disease and dialysis therapy have blossomed during the last 50 years, and renal transplant has become the gold standard for renal replacement therapy and live kidney donation has the best results. My research experience and publications span the fields of renal disease, transplant, and recovery. I contribute to national and international transplant meetings and educational efforts in transplant and nephrology in the American Society for Transplantation and the American Society of Nephrology for the development of new therapies and policies for better renal outcomes. Promoting renal transplant through education, clinical research and outreach are prime targets for transplant success. As an educator, I support nephrology and immunology lectures and conferences in medical school, graduate students and specialty fellowship training; working to develop the leaders of tomorrow in this field. Volunteerism and philanthropy are also important, passionate causes in raising awareness and funding for clinical studies, patient support and organ donation.