Faculty Profiles

Saad, Baqai
Baqai, Saad, MDAssistant Professor (HS)
Email: saadbaqa@buffalo.edu

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Cytopathology; Surgical Pathology

Research Summary:
After earning my Bachelor’s degree, I completed my residency in anatomic and clinical pathology followed by fellowship training in oncologic surgical pathology and cytopathology. I thoroughly enjoy the practice of this subspecialty, which I chose due to longstanding interest in oncologic disorders as well as ample opportunity for clinical interaction and correlation. During the course of my training I have gained extensive experience in frozen section interpretations, rapid on-site cytology evaluations, fine needle aspiration biopsy and diagnosis of complex surgical pathology, gynecologic and non-gynecologic exfoliative cytopathology cases. I have actively participated in patient care through daily exchanges with physicians, oncologists and surgeons and in weekly multidisciplinary conferences (tumor boards), taught residents and also participated in research. My interests in pathology are broad and diverse. Being trained at a Roswell Park Cancer Institute my main focus has been on neoplastic diseases. As a fellow, I became very familiar with specialized pathology of tumors and cancer-related conditions. My clinical responsibilities at Kaleida Health System are primarily in anatomic pathology including general surgical pathology and cytopathology. As a well-trained board certified pathologist I look forward to provide high quality clinical service to the patients as well as participate in research as I believe is the most important way to help us keep practicing up-to-date medicine and improve our clinical practice.

Richard, Cheney
Cheney, Richard, MDClinical Professor and Vice Chair for Academic Clinical Affairs
Email: rtcheney@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-829-5213

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine; Clinical Pathology; Cytopathology; Dermatopathology - Anatomic Pathology; Autopsy

Research Summary:
My clinical interests have been in diagnostic anatomic pathology with a focus on non- small cell lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies, soft tissue sarcoma, and all aspects of dermatopathology including inflammatory dermatoses, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer and the cytologic evaluation of fine needle aspiration biopsy material. Participation as a panel member in the NCCN‘s development of empirically based guidelines for clinical care of cancer patients with thoracic malignancies and non melanoma skin cancer was a major focus during the previous decade. My career focus has evolved over time such that currently mentoring of faculty and participation in the development of innovative approaches to medical education occupies the vast majority of my effort.

Brigid, Hannahoe
Hannahoe, Brigid, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: hannahoe@buffalo.edu
Phone: 859-2140

Specialty/Research Focus:
Cytopathology; Surgical Pathology

Research Summary:
As a pathologist in the Department of Pathology and Anatomic Sciences, my clinical duties are primarily in anatomic pathology, including surgical pathology, cytopathology and autopsy. In addition, an important part of our department’s mission is resident and medical student education and I participate formally, giving didactic lectures, and informally, in the gross room and at the microscope. During the course of my residency, I developed an interest in breast pathology as well as cytopathology, and both of these areas have become a focus of my clinical work today. Since joining the department in 2007, I have participated in the breast pathology service. I provide diagnoses and prognostic information to assist in the appropriate treatment of breast diseases. Being a member of a subspecialty service has allowed me to develop relationships with surgeons and oncologists, which, in turn, facilitates better care for patients. After practicing pathology for several years and observing some of the inefficiencies that exist in the medical system, I became interested in applying process improvement principles to the laboratory. I have completed a certificate course in Lean Six Sigma through Villanova University, and participate in the department’s Process Improvement committee. After receiving my medical degree from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine in 2001, I completed a residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and a fellowship in Cytopathology at Cleveland Clinic. I am board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and Cytopathology.

Keith, Krabill
Krabill, Keith, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: krabill@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 323-2036

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine; Clinical Pathology; Cytopathology; Hematology - Clinical Pathology; Immunopathology; Surgical Pathology; Transfusion Medicine; Toxicology; Microbiology; Bioinformatics; Virology

Research Summary:
I serve the Department of Pathology and Anatomic Sciences as a general pathologist in anatomic and clinical pathology. My primary areas for service work include surgical pathology and cytopathology as an attending pathologist rotating among the Kaleida hospital sites and clinical pathology activities in clinical chemistry, transfusion medicine, microbiology and hematology. I serve as the laboratory medical director for the clinical laboratories at the John R Oishei Children‘s Hospital and the Center for Laboratory Medicine, Williamsville (Flint). I also provide more specialized medical support for the Forensic Toxicology laboratory, the Virology Laboratory, and the fetal defect screening program at the Center for Laboratory Medicine in Williamsville, and the Therapeutic Plasmapheresis program at the Buffalo General Medical Center. I have developed an interest in Clinical Informatics and regularly employ those skills to retrieve and analyze data from Kaleida and elsewhere to support clinical decision making, research activities, EHR development and business development. Within the department, I am the pathologist overseeing the Transfusion Service across Kaleida and also provide pathology direction to the Kaleida Clinical Chemistry and Microbiology programs. In addition, I support the leadership of Kaleida in their Utilization Program, the Gainsharing Program, Peer Review and as Chair of the Site specific Transfusion Committees. In 2013 I served as the laboratory director of the Erie County Public Health Laboratory and continue there as assistant laboratory director for Virology. Since January 2018 I have served as the assistant laboratory director for Transfusion Services and Hematology at the Erie County Medical Center. Previously I have served as the laboratory director at the Center for Laboratory Medicine, Amherst (Suburban), Buffalo General Hospital and as an assistant laboratory director at Gates Circle. Each of these positions has been valuable to me in learning how different groups work together and how different groups of clinicians see and set expectations for a pathology department. Outside of Kaleida, I serve the region as representative to the Erie County Medical Society Legislative Committee and the Economic Affairs Committee. I have also served as president of the Western New York Society of Pathologists (1999-2000) and as Delegate to the College of American Pathologists House of Delegates (2005 - present). The overall theme of these activities is to leverage the skills cultivated by any practicing pathologist to recognize patterns. Those patterns recognized are then directed to purposes that can be quite diverse, ranging from diagnosis to data integrity. Data retrieved from multiple sources are used to provide an unbiased review for departmental and hospital leaders to troubleshoot, drive test menus or to review patterns of practice. Good data can drive good decisions, but only to the degree that the data can be recognized and understood. My professional time is divided in four parts, with anatomic pathology service work comprising about one quarter of my time, clinical pathology service work a second quarter, administrative activities a third quarter and clinical informatics the last quarter (plus or minus 5%), but with the added bonus that on any one day, these duties can shift dramatically to address the needs of the department and hospital. One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been the opportunity do all of these to the best of my ability and to support the efforts of the excellent professionals around me. The variety of responsibilities I have translate into a job that is never dull. I have used my own situation as a model for the pathology residents I train to provide a live demonstration that the field of Pathology is big enough to have something of interest for any interested person.

Ted, Ondracek
Ondracek, Ted, MDClinical Assistant Professor; Attending Pathologist for UB Pathologists, Inc.
Email: ondracek@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 859-2140

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Clinical Pathology; Cytopathology; Dermatopathology - Anatomic Pathology; Immunopathology; Medical Microbiology; Surgical Pathology; Autopsy; Bioinformatics

Research Summary:
I pursued undergraduate and graduate education in biomedical engineering because of my interest in the application of basic science to solve real world problems. My studies included biomaterials and medical imaging. An interest specifically in medical science led me to medical school and eventually into pathology. After close to four years practicing community pathology, a desire to reestablish connections with UB pathologists initiated during my Roswell Park fellowship brought me back to Buffalo as a UB pathologist. My clinical responsibilities include surgical pathology, cytopathology, autopsy pathology and clinical pathology. I routinely work with pathology residents during their surgical pathology, cytology and autopsy rotations. I have particular interest in dermatopathology and gastrointestinal pathology. Image processing and analysis and bioinformatics also intrigue me. I am currently searching for new opportunities to collaborate with faculty in the anatomical sciences half of our department.

Yousef, Soofi
Soofi, Yousef, MDClinical Assistant Professor/Pathologist
Email: yousefso@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-859-2259

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Clinical Pathology; Cytopathology