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Faculty Profiles

Wilfrido, Mojica
Mojica, Wilfrido, MDAssistant Professor
Phone: (716) 859-2140

Specialty/Research Focus:
Anatomic Pathology; Clinical Pathology; Molecular Genetic Pathology - Clinical Biochemical; Surgical Pathology

Research Summary:
Professional Summary: As a pathologist, I help cover the clinical duties for the Kaleida Health system’s anatomical pathologist needs at the Buffalo General Medical Center, Suburban Hospital and DeGraff Hospital. I am Board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with an interest in oncologic pathology and approaches related to precision medicine. The majority of my time is allocated for clinical service work, which includes general surgical pathology, some clinical pathology coverage, and the teaching of pathology residents. Additional clinical duties include overseeing the laboratory’s immunohistochemistry section and involvement in the build-up of the CTRC’s biobank. For resident education, one major emphasis currently being undertaken is the deciphering of the technical and bioinformatic bridges that separate pathologists from those involved in the field of genomic sequencing. Dedicated research time has allowed me to be involved in investigations with several different collaborators on sample enrichment, and how it effects downstream molecular and proteomic studies. Recent work has scrutinized regional gene expression profiles in an attempt to map cancer field effects and identify biomarkers for colon cancer. Current investigations are centered on designing microscale sample preparation methods to allow for combinatorial evaluation of diminuitive core biopsy specimens. This is a little thought of, but key element that fulfills a stated need from basic scientists and would extend the utility of such specimens for de novo assembly methods currently in development. A number of other investigations also exist, and are in different levels of progress, but all trace back to a sequence/ genomic context in relation to precision medicine.