Faculty Profiles

Jeffrey, Brewer
Brewer, Jeffrey, MDClinical Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program
Email: jbrewer@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-5104

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Burn; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Surgery - Trauma

John, Butsch
Butsch, John, BA,MS, MD, FACSClinical Assistant Professor
Email: jbutsch@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 859-4024

Specialty/Research Focus:
Bariatric Surgery; Surgery; Surgery - Laparoscopic

Clairice, Cooper
Cooper, Clairice, MDClinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency Program
Email: cbakker@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-898-5104

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Trauma; Surgery - Laparoscopic

William, Flynn, Jr.
Flynn, Jr., William, MDChief, Division of Critical Care, Associate Professor, Program Director: Critical Care Fellowship
Email: wflynn@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-5283

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Burn; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Surgery - Trauma; Surgical Critical Care - Surgery

Eleanor, Fung
Fung, Eleanor, MDClinical Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Email: ecfung@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-898-5186

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Gastrointestinal Surgery

Philip, Glick
Glick, Philip, MD, MBA, FACS, FAAP, FRCSProfessor of Surgery and Management, Liason for Health Sciences Schools and School of Management for MBA Programs
Email: glicklab@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 829-3714

Specialty/Research Focus:
Pediatric Surgery; Pediatric Urology; Surgery; Surgery - Trauma; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Fetal Surgery; Minimally Invasive Surgery

Research Summary:
-To be a recognized leader in academic pediatric surgery (clinical surgery, clinical/basic science research, teaching and administration), -To build a state of the art surgical department, divisions, and programs congruent withthe mission goals, and needs of institutions (university, hospital, other departments), patients and their families and faculty (full time and volunteer) -To create the requiste environment for students, residents, and faculty to optimize career development -To maintain a busy clinical pratice of open and miniature access surgery for fetuses, infants, children -To cross train students (MD, RN, DDS, Phar D.,MPH, Basic Science, Residents and Fellows(all specialties), Faculty (all Health Science Schools),and Community Healthcare Professionals in the requisite MBA Skill Sets, Entrepreneurism, and Big Data analysis to optimize their professional development, careers and their patients‘ outcomes in this complicated and ever changing Healthcare environment -To be actively involved in teaching and practicing Interprofessional Care (IPC) and Interprofessional Education (IPE) -To continue to train and mentor academic gerneral surgeons -To continue to train and mentor academic pediatric surgeons -To continue to teach and mentor students at various levels -To continue laboratory and clinical incestifations in the following areas: lung development, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, fetal physiology, birth defects, prenatal diagnosis of surgical problems, fetal surgery, the genetic aspects of surgical disease, fetal frowth factors, the physiology miniature access surgery, surgical robotics, ECMO, trauma, the education process for students, residents, and fellows virtual reality, surgical simulation, telelmedicine, telesurgery, teleconferencing, telementoring, and computer applications in medicein -To continue research and development with corporate biomedical parners -To continue to advocate for children and children‘s health care -To continue build an academic portfolio, a management skill set, and administrative experiences to prepare for a university or system-wide leadership position -To champion the value of Shared Governance (trust, collegiality, dialogue, mutual respect, sharing perspectives, listening, a shared sense of purpose, shared accountability, being mindful of diversity and inclusion, always remembering some of us have certain privileges and experiences of life that others have not, remaining humble, recognizing differences while remaining open to finding common ground and transparency of information, effective and constructive engagement by the administration and councils with the faculty, staff and students, not just effective and constructive engagement, but also timely engagement, being proactive, not reactive on important issues and always being at the table with a voice and a vote) at a local, state and national levels -To Participate in UB Labor-Management relations, to rebuild and revitalize the UB Health Sciences Chapter (HSC) of UUP, to do more for the professional staff by focusing on improved professional staff development and recognition of their achievements, to eliminate mid-career salary compression for both men and women, to strive for gender equity in salary for all faculty and professional staff, to focus on diversity faculty recruitments and retention of these scares resources by helping to change the “climate” at UB, to get faculty and staff more involved in advocacy at the local, state and federal levels, to make full tuition at any SUNY school for all of our permanent and tenured members (faculty and staff), their spouses and their dependents a benefit in our next contract (academic shackles), to assure that future negotiated contracts are fully funded with “new” resources to grow the pie and not by dividing the pie into ever small sections, to revitalize UUP HSC committee structure, and to get more members involved in and collaboration with UUP Buffalo Center, other UUP chapter, state UUP and the DA

Weidun Alan, Guo
Guo, Weidun Alan, MD, PhD, FACSProfessor of Clinical Surgery
Email: waguo@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-5283

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery - Laparoscopic; Surgery - Trauma; Surgical Critical Care - Surgery

Research Summary:
I am an acute care surgeon board-certified in both surgery and surgical critical care, with clinical focus in trauma, emergency general surgery and surgical critical care. The most important part of my job is providing compassionate surgical care to my patients, who are often acutely injured and/or critically ill. I have a deep awareness of, and empathy for my patients’ suffering, and I do my best to alleviate it. I practice medicine with a golden rule — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I believe that an optimal medical decision is the one that integrates information about the patient’s clinical state and circumstances, the available research evidence, as well as the patient’s values and preferences. I also perform laparoscopic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery (small bowel, colorectal and biliary), complex hernia repair, endoscopy and provide wound care. My scholarly focus is in the area of trauma and critical care-related pathophysiology. In basic science, I was the first to demonstrate that food high in advanced glycation end-products (AGE) and its interaction with the receptor (RAGE) predispose patients for aspiration-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in trauma. In clinical research, I have been pursuing interests in areas of utilization of imaging study in trauma, prevention of blood clot formation in head injury patients, ICU quality improvement. I was a co-investigator on NIH-funded grants for evaluation of aspiration biomarkers in trauma and surgery, as well as on an SIS multicenter study on duration of antibiotics for abdominal infection. I have mentored numerous surgical residents and medical students in research, which has led to them receiving national research awards. I have a bibliography of 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 6 book chapters, in addition to many oral and poster presentations. I am a member of the editorial review board for the Journal of Surgical Research, and an ad hoc reviewer for many leading journals. I have a passion for teaching medical students and residents. I find satisfaction in sharing my knowledge, experience and wisdom with those in the training phase of their careers. The trainees’ inquiries have helped me stay current in the field, and ultimately help me render the best care to my patients. As a surgeon, role model and mentor, I have inspired many medical students to pursue surgery as a career.

Aaron, Hoffman
Hoffman, Aaron, MD, FACSClinical Associate Professor, Division Chief of General Surgery, Department of Surgery, Site Chief: Buffalo General Hospital
Email: abh2@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 859-7581

Specialty/Research Focus:
Bariatric Surgery; Gastrointestinal Surgery; Robotic Surgery; Surgery; Surgery - Laparoscopic

Jeffrey, Jordan
Jordan, Jeffrey, MD, PhDAssistant Professor
Email: jeffreyj@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 898-5186

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Trauma; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Gastrointestinal Surgery; Infectious Disease; Immunology; Microbial Pathogenesis; Molecular Basis of Disease

Molly, Moore
Moore, Molly, MDClinical Assistant Professor, Medical Student Clerkship Director
Email: memoore@buffalo.edu
Phone: 859-4722

Specialty/Research Focus:
Minimally Invasive Surgery; Robotic Surgery; Surgery; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Surgical Critical Care - Surgery

Alan, Posner
Posner, Alan, MDClinical Assistant Professor
Email: arposner@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 859-3196

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgical Critical Care - Surgery; Surgery - Trauma; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Bariatric Surgery; Robotic Surgery

Steven, Schwaitzberg
Schwaitzberg, Steven, MDProfessor and Chairman - Department of Surgery
Email: schwaitz@buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-859-3779

Specialty/Research Focus:
Surgery; Surgery - Laparoscopic; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Gastrointestinal Surgery; Robotic Surgery; Endocrine Surgery