Jacobs School Dossier Timeline


Chair/department identify faculty candidates for promotion & confirmation.



  • develops & finalizes CV & Personal Statement with assistance from Sofia
  • provides names & email addresses of 3-4 current/former trainees for department to solicit mentoring/teaching impact letters (recommended for all dossiers; especially important if candidate does not have teaching evaluations)
  • provides names & email address of collaborator(s), if applicable
  • selects an Advocate (optional)


Chair/department identify evaluators.

  • 4 external evaluation letters required
    Must be of equal rank as the candidate (preferably Professor); ideally several evaluators are from AAU institutions; must be disinterested
  • 2 internal evaluation letters required
    Same regarding rank; should be from UB or UB-affiliated institution (e.g. RPCI)

May (tenure dossiers) & June (non-tenure dossiers)

Chair/department solicits:

  • 6-8 external evaluation letters via email
  • 4 internal evaluation letters via email
    Include attachments: CV, Personal Statement (optional) & Confidentiality Statement
    Request biosketch from external evaluators
  • collaborator letter(s) if relevant




Chair begins writing the Chair’s letter.

Beginning of August


September 1 (tenure dossiers) & November 1 (non-tenure dossiers)


  • submits PDF of dossier(s) to Sofia

Upon confirmation that dossier is finalized:

  • mails original + 2 copies for each tenure faculty candidate
  • mails original + 1 copy for each non-tenure faculty candidate
  • include ePTF in PDF and with original dossier only


Senior Staff Assistant

Sofia A. Tangalos

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 955 Main Street, Room 6124, Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-3042

Email: tangalos@buffalo.edu