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Faculty Promotion Resources


Promotions Review Process for Dossiers

The Candidate’s Tasks:

1. Develop your curriculum vitae following the approved format.

You can use eCV, our faculty data management system, to create a CV that fulfills the requirements of the promotion and tenure committee. The information you enter feeds your profile on SMBS and department websites.

If you have not yet filled in your faculty profile, please do so.

2. Prepare a personal statement that addresses scholarship, teaching and service.

3. Secure an advocate (optional)

The Department Chair’s Tasks:

1. Chair's Letter

2. Letters of Evaluation - external and internal letter requirements

3. Sample Letters to Evaluators

4. Dossier Preparation for SMBS Joint Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Appointments

5. Voting Eligibility for Faculty Personnel Actions

Dossier Submission Calendar

To ensure timely action by the medical school review bodies and the President's Review Board (PRB), please submit candidate dossiers to the Office of Faculty Affairs (Room 128 Biomedical Education Building, 3435 Main Street) as follows:

Unqualified Ranks (tenure-track faculty)

  • Professor
    October 1. Submit the original dossier, four copies and a PDF.
  • Associate Professor
    December 1. Submit the original dossier, four copies and a PDF.

Qualified Ranks (non tenure-track faculty)

  • Clinical, Research and Volunteer faculty
    November 1 - preferred date
    January 15 - last date for submission for review during the current academic cycle.
    Submit the original dossier, one copy and a PDF.

Important Documents

To use a document, Adobe Reader is required (make sure you select the appropriate download for either Windows or Mac).

For more information, contact:

Laychock, Suzanne

Suzanne Laychock, PhD

Professor and Senior Associate Dean For Faculty Affairs & Facilities

128 BEB Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-2808; Fax: (716) 829-2437


No Picture

Sofia A. Tangalos

128 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: (716) 829-3042