How to Submit an Effective Grant Proposal

Writing a successful grant proposal requires strategic planning and concise packaging.

This tutorial will walk you through the key techniques for producing effective grant applications and explain how to work with the National Institutes of Health's new application and scoring system. It was prepared by, and is presented by, Kenneth M. Blumenthal, PhD, former senior associate dean for research and graduate education.

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This presentation covers the following topics:

  • Matching your ideas to the NIH's mission and mechanisms
  • Framing your project’s scope
  • What boosts an application?
  • What sinks an application?
  • Responding to a poor score, if you receive one
  • Changes in application and scoring systems at NIH: 
    • New criteria structure
    • Altered proposal format
    • Importance of your biosketch
    • New expectations for environment statements
    • Updated evaluation mechanisms