Eight medical students from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences spent their winter break sharpening fundamental skills while seeing hundreds of patients in a makeshift clinic in rural Haiti.

Three medical students traveled to Malawi to collaborate with the local community and a branch of the organization Naturally Africa Volunteers in an effort to understand undernutrition and assist local organizations combating it.

While a college student in the United States, Pierre-Louis Joizil told his friends back home he wanted to come back to impoverished Haiti to build a secondary school in his hometown of Fontaine.


UB medical trainees are gaining valuable clinical and cultural experiences during trips to Haiti and Honduras while their patients are receiving much-needed medical care.


Seven University at Buffalo medical students spent their winter break building fundamental skills in a busy, makeshift clinic. In the process, they immersed themselves in the culture — and the many health care challenges — of the developing world.

“We have no reason to fear Ebola here in the United States, but the situation in West Africa is a grave humanitarian crisis,” Myron L. Glick, MD, told a standing room-only crowd of University at Buffalo medical students and residents shortly after returning from Sierra Leone.

Nearly one-third of adults in and around Fontaine, Haiti, suffer from hypertension, according to a pilot research project led by second-year University at Buffalo medical student Vincenzo Polsinelli.

University at Buffalo medical students traded classrooms and comfort for hands-on clinical experience during career- and life-enhancing international medical relief trips this spring.

UB medical students “passed the hat” and organized events to raise funds for Haiti in the aftermath of the massive earthquake in January 2010.


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