Faculty: be heard! Take the 2019 UB Faculty IT Survey

A UB faculty member at a teaching station.

Published April 11, 2019

Take the short survey by May 3, 2019—your responses will help UB offer better technology services and support for you and your colleagues.

This survey follows the first-ever UB Faculty IT Survey, conducted in 2017. Over 500 UB faculty responded to that survey, and helped the university establish a baseline for understanding the technology needs of its faculty.

From the 2017 survey, we learned that:

  • the majority of faculty (53%) use Windows
  • regarding ease-of-use among classroom technology, classroom projectors (59%) and computers (54%) scored the highest; lighting (40%) and scheduling (21%) rated the lowest.
  • faculty have mixed feelings about mobile devices in the classroom; 16% encourage students to use them for classroom collaboration, while 15% don’t allow them to be used in class at all.

Your input will help us identify the emerging trends in teaching and research technology over the past two years, and gauge the efficacy of the university’s evolving technology offerings and support.