Students: help us name the new Lockwood Cybrary space

The entrance to the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary, where construction is underway.

Construction is underway on the new Lockwood Cybrary. Photo by Douglas Levere.

Published March 9, 2021

The Lockwood Cybrary is being re-imagined as a center for cutting-edge student technology: esports, virtual reality and whatever else the future might hold! But what do you call a space designed for the future?


We want to hear from UB students: what should be the new name for this future-focused, cutting-edge technology space?

You can submit your ideas for the new name of the Lockwood Cybrary space by clicking the link below. Leave your UBITName if you want a shout-out on UBIT's Facebook and Twitter page. You can also leave your suggestion anonymously.