First Year Coursebook Information

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

The first and second years begin in August and continue through May of the following year. Students participate in a structured curriculum as outlined above. Elective courses are also available for first-and second-year students. Instructions for registration will be emailed to the student’s UB address. Students must report and maintain complete up-to-date home addresses in the Office of Medical Education.

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MS1 table

Summer Opportunities

First-year students can apply for summer opportunities at the university. Students selected for the Primary Care Externship Program and the Summer Research Fellowship Program will be registered (by the OME) in the spring semester to enable their insurance coverage to continue through their summer experience. Final grades for these programs are provided by the project sponsor, preceptor or program director. Timely submission of this grade is the student’s responsibility.

Students seeking liability insurance for summer experiences outside the university must speak with one of the associate deans in the Office of Medical Education.