Second Year Coursebook Information

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

The first and second years begin in August and continue through May of the following year. Students participate in a structured curriculum as outlined above. Elective courses are also available for first-and second-year students. Instructions for registration will be emailed to the student’s UB address. Students must report and maintain complete up-to-date home addresses in the Office of Medical Education.

MS2 Timetable (Click for full size)

MS2 Timetable

USMLE Step 1

Students can apply for Step 1 or 2 exam online at or Verification signatures need to be obtained by dropping off your application to Dr. Frank Schimpfhauser or Donna Harber in 131 BEB. In their absence, Philippa Radzawich in the OME will sign application.

Prior to beginning the third year, students will be required to take Step 1 of the USMLE. The deadline for taking Step 1 will be established each year by the Office of Medical Education. Failure of the USMLE will result in the student being held out of the next clerkship to allow for successful re-examination, which must be completed prior to the beginning of the next block. Students will then be allowed to start pending the examination result. A second failure will require the student to be placed on leave of absence. The student will not be allowed to re-enter the curriculum until a passing grade is recorded. Students are only allowed three (3) opportunities to pass Step 1 of the USMLE, before a recommendation for a dismissal from the school is made.