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Tell Us About Your Travel Award

Our students and faculty regularly receive funding to travel to professional meetings. Help us publicize these awards within our school and beyond.

Faculty: Update Your eCV First

Before you contact us, please update your eCV by listing your new grant in your faculty profile. This must be updated before we can publicize your award.

Awardee Information


If the awardee is a student, use the space above to specify his or her year (junior, third-year PhD candidate, etc.)


Award Details


Include relevant information: titles of papers or presentations, brief description of research, collaborators’ names, amount of funding for travel and so on.

Awarding organization contact

Do you know of someone in the organization we can contact for more information? If so, enter the individual’s name and contact information.


Supporting Documents

If you have supporting documentation, such as brief CVs or letters that describe the award and justify why it’s being given, please upload electronic copies. Do not upload certificates, photos or similar materials.