Web Transformation Guidelines

Transforming your web presence is much more than a new coat of paint: we partner with you to develop a new website from the ground up, tailored to your recruiting and marketing needs.

Web transformation is communication transformation. Your audiences, especially your "prospectives", expect to find you fully online, with a well-developed web presence that answers all their questions. Their communication with you starts with, and can end with, your web presence.

We work with you to transform not just your website but how you use it to communicate with your audiences.

The Importance of Your Web Presence

Today, your website is the primary channel for communicating your strengths to prospective students, residents, faculty, collaborators and other key audiences. A well-built website is a powerful tool for recruitment. A shoddy one can prevent your audiences from getting information they need about your programs and convince them not to apply.

We Bring Expertise to Transformation

We bring expertise in marketing, content strategy, user experience, information architecture, audience analysis, search optimization, writing, design and photography to produce high-quality websites that meet your recruiting and marketing needs. We conduct extensive research and coordinate messaging throughout the school’s online presence to maintain consistently high standards for quality, clarity and ease of use. Our work forms the centerpiece of the school’s branding strategies.

Web Transformation is a Partnership

Web transformation requires a significant commitment from both partners.

We are prepared to learn everything we can about your department to create a website that will convey your unique strengths to the recruits you want to attract. You should expect that we will consult with you extensively during the transformation process.

You must be prepared to be an active partner in communication transformation. We require your expertise about your department and programs to build a new web presence that effectively communicates your strengths to your audiences.

Develop communications processes and allocate resources ahead of time to ensure a successful transition to your new website.
We will develop a high-quality website for your department through a partnership based on openness, responsiveness and sharing expertise.