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Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Department at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo (WCHOB) has an annual volume of more than 45,000 pediatric patients under the age of 21 and is the tertiary referral center for pediatric subspecialty care.

Our Division of Emergency Medicine operates the Kids Express Program (Fast Track Clinic) during the busiest shifts (11 a.m. to 11 p.m.) to facilitate the care of less seriously ill and injured patients.

Education and Training

Our division is actively involved in the education of both residents and medical students. Our fellows play an integral role in educating these rotating trainees.


Our three-year pediatric emergency medicine fellowship program at WCHOB trains physicians to provide compassionate, evidence-based, up-to-date emergency care for children.

We aim to provide fellows with the tools to ensure they are prepared for, and will excel in, every career path available within the field of pediatric emergency medicine.


Residents are an integral part of this intense learning experience. Pediatric residents are assigned to the emergency department during all three years of their residency and are given steadily increasing responsibility for patient care. Emergency medicine residents and family practice residents are also routinely assigned to this fully supervised rotation.


Faculty in our division are active in a wide variety of clinical research projects that reflect the diversity of pediatric emergency medicine. Each researcher has full support from the department and includes a multidisciplinary team, from statisticians to research assistants that cross multiple subspecialties.

Our ongoing projects include:

  • ultrasound
  • intubation/resuscitation
  • asthma care
  • pain management
  • EMR
  • trauma
  • child abuse

Faculty and fellows regularly present their research at the annual meetings of the Eastern Society for Pediatric Research and the Pediatric Academic Societies.

Clinical Care

We are the Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center servicing all 12 counties of Western New York. Our faculty supervises the child-friendly emergency department 24 hours a day in our freestanding children's hospital, providing pediatric-focused nursing, radiology services, child life and social work.

Our Division of Emergency Medicine provides medical input for the pediatric component of paramedics functioning in Western New York and operates a pediatric stabilization and transport program.

A qualified and diverse staff offers emergency services, including:

  • stabilization and treatment of critically injured pediatric patients
  • emergency care to pediatric and adolescent children
  • treatment of pediatric patients referred from primary physicians
  • STAT team emergency ground or air transport for critically ill or injured pediatric patients throughout Western New York

We work in collaboration with our 24/7 adult internal medicine specialists and OB/GYN specialists for OB/GYN emergencies. In addition, our division consults on inpatient child abuse cases.

Our division also staffs Children’s Fast Track, a pediatric urgent care center located at MASH Urgent Care in Orchard Park, NY.


Division of Emergency Medicine
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-7109
Fax: (716) 888-3874

Division Co-Chiefs

Emborsky, Mary
Mary Emborsky, DO
Clinical Assistant Professor; Interim Co-Chief, Division of Emergency Medicine

Penque, Michelle
Michelle Penque, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor; Interim Co-Chief, Division of Emergency Medicine


Bouton, Scott
Scott Bouton, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Bradfield-McGee, Kristina
Kristina Bradfield-McGee, DO
Clinical Assistant Professor

Carnevale, Frank
Frank Carnevale, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Killion, Jeremy
Jeremy Killion, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Mazur, Paula
Paula Mazur, MD
Clinical Associate Professor

Petroski, Tara
Tara Petroski, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Territo, Heather
Heather Territo, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Triplet, Renee
Renee Triplet, DO
Clinical Assistant Professor