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General Pediatrics

We provide pediatric services primarily to the inner-city population of Buffalo.

Our outpatient health centers provide care primarily to the inner-city population of Buffalo. Our inpatient service, at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, provides care to a patient base of urban, suburban and rural children throughout the region. Combined, the diverse medical needs of our patients provide rich clinical and research opportunities.

Education and Training

Our division provides the majority of the outpatient medical education for pediatric residents. In addition, we provide most of the third-year pediatric clerkship experiences. Our faculty consistently receives teaching awards from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.


Research interests include obesity, nutritional disorders, lead poisoning prevention and medical informatics.

Clinical Care

Our Division of General Pediatrics operates two primary care pediatric health centers serving inner-city children. This patient population includes Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and immigrant populations. Together, these active sites see more than 35,000 patient visits per year and offer a rich training environment for our students and residents. Both sites use an electronic health record system that is integrated with the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

Our division also includes the Pediatric Hospitalist Service at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. This service covers medical inpatients from our health centers, plus those of many local private practices. In addition, the hospitalist service covers unreferred medical admissions. This service provides more than 7,000 combined inpatient admission days per year. The service also covers the newborn nursery, with approximately 1,500 newborns per year.


Division of General Pediatrics
125 Hodge Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-7277
Fax: (716) 888-3966

Clinical Contacts

Hodge Pediatrics
125 Hodge Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-7488
Fax: (716) 888-3966

Towne Garden Pediatrics
461 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14204
Phone: (716) 852-1578
Fax: (716) 852-5154

Leader/Division Chief

Kuo, Dennis
Dennis Kuo, MD, MHS
Associate Professor and Chief, General Pediatrics


Andrews, Ted
Ted Andrews, PhD, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Archer, Fred
Fred Archer, III, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Black, Thomas
Thomas Black, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Burnett, Christina
Christina Burnett, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Burstein, Gale
Gale Burstein, MD, MPH
Clinical Professor

Cameron, Melinda
Melinda Cameron, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Danilovich, Nadezhda
Nadezhda Danilovich, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Donhauser, Jessica
Jessica Donhauser, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Hays, Anna
Anna Hays, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Holmes, Lucy
Lucy Holmes, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor

Missing photo
Heather Kaufman, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Murak, Catherine
Catherine Murak, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Parmington, Jane
Jane Parmington, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pastore, John
John Pastore, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Persaud, Amanda
Amanda Persaud, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Turkovich, Stephen
Stephen Turkovich, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Wagner, Sheri
Sheri Wagner, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Winkelstein, Peter
Peter Winkelstein, MD, MS, MBA, FAAP
Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Informatics
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, UBMD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Kaleida Health
Clinical Professor

Yu, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Yu, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor

Zulqarni, Naz
Naz Zulqarni, MBBS
Clinical Assistant Professor