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Core Facilities

Flow and image cytometry equipment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Clinical Flow Cytometry

Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Department of Flow and Image Cytometry supports clinical diagnosis and follow-up and basic and clinical research with both core and reference laboratory services.

Access and Consultation

Our clinical laboratory offers five major applications:

  • monitoring T cell subsets and HIV patients
  • immunophenotyping leukemia and lymphomas; monitoring residual disease
  • determining CD34 stem cell counts for hematopoietic reconstitution
  • diagnosis of paroxymal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)
  • DNA analysis of S-phase fraction of solid and hematopoietic tumors

We accept blood, bone marrow, CSF and other body fluids, node and tissue specimens.

One of our major emphases is consultation and custom methods development. We will be delighted to assist you or develop specialized techniques for you.

Interpretative and technical consultative services are available at no additional costs to the physician or patient.


Multispectral Imaging Cytometry

Our Amnis ImageStream cytometer offers high throughput flow cytometry with high resolution microscopy. It acquires six multispectral images of each cell at rates that can exceed 10,000 cells per minute and processes images in real time. Our custom apparatus can perform experiments using up to 26 channels.

Our Luminex 100 acquires data from soluble bead arrays (SBA) or multiplexed assays using a capture bead system. This dramatically reduces the amount of sample and reagents required and the throughput time for analysis. We offer standard predefined panels, including TH1/TH2 and inflammatory panel, and can also customize this service for your needs.


At our satellite facility, Leica confocal microscopes allow the study of fluorescent markers in live cells under temperature-, CO2- and humidity-controlled condition.

Electron microscopy services include transmission and scanning EM. We can perform all routine tissue processing and a variety of specialized techniques.

A confocal microscopist and an electron microscopist are available by appointment.

Education and Training

Investigators at all levels of expertise may use our facilities. Those proficient with the technology can work independently, with round-the-clock access to the facility. Clinical researchers can depend on our staff for sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis, and interpretation. For individuals new to flow cytometry, our staff may perform pilot experiments to explore useful approaches then work one-on-one to train the investigators in all techniques necessary for their protocols.

Our ongoing educational programming provides lectures and hands-on experience in these key areas:

  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry
  • Compensation and Fluorochrome Selection
  • Immunophenotyping
  • DNA staining and analysis
  • Techniques to monitoring apoptosis
  • Data analysis with WinList, ModFit, and FCS Express
  • EM techniques

We also offer an educational outreach program in clinical flow cytometry, specializing in the diagnosis and follow-up of leukemias, myelodysplasias and lymphomas, to professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of these techniques.


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Flow and Image Cytometry

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