Robert S. Berkson, MD Memorial Award

The Robert S. Berkson, M.D., Memorial Award in the Art of Medicine is given annually to honor the memory of Robert S. Berkson, M.D. Dr. Berkson was loved by his patients, respected by colleagues and students, and his special expertise in the "Art of Medicine" is meant to be perpetuated in this award.

The award was established in 1986 by Dr. Richard A. Berkson to provide an annual award to a volunteer physician faculty member with at least five years of continuous service, with preference given to those faculty in private practice specializing in internal medicine.

Past Recipients

1988    James Phillips
1989    Robert Reisman
1990    Sidney Anthone and Roland Anthone
1991    Jacob Steinhart
1992    Milford Maloney
1993    James Upson   
1994    Irwin Friedman and Michael Sullivan
1995    No Award Given
1996    Ian Frankfort and Philip Weis
1997    Robert Milch
1998    James Kanski
1999    Harry Metcalf
2000   Robert Kalb
2001    Edward Graber
2002    Lawrence Golden
2003    Robert Kaplan
2004    John McMahon
2005    Frederick Occhino  
2006    Howard Sperry
2007    Anthony Bartholomew and G. Jay Bishop
2008    Angelo Rizzo, D.O. and Thomas Scanlon, M.D.   
2009    William Hartrich
2010     Joseph H. Wandass III, M.D.
2011      Lucy Campbell, M.D.
2012     Gale Burstein, M.D.
2013     Susan Graham, M.D.
2014     Nagaraja Sridhar, M.D.
2015     James R. Hereth, M.D.
2016     Prachant Pendyala, M.D. 2017    
2018     John Hall, M.D. 2019
2020    Lauren Kuwik, MD ’08 and Jerome Andres, MD ’81