Addiction Medicine

Our national experts in addiction medicine lead the way in research that’s yielding training guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this complex disease. 

Our researchers conduct clinical and medical education research in this evolving field.

In our ongoing efforts to expand addiction medicine training for future physicians, we develop curricula for addiction medicine fellowship programs and make recommendations for medical student/resident curricula, all while shedding light on the biological and behavioral changes triggered by substance use.

Education and Training


  • Azadfard, Mohammadreza

    Mohammadreza Azadfard, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor- Medical director of Substance Abuse in Erie County Medical Center(ECMC) and UB/MD addiction Medicine

    UBMD Family Medicine at Amherst 850 Hopkins Road Williamsville, NY 14221

    Phone: (716) 688-9641; Fax: (716) 932-7465