Behavioral Health

Our research in this area strives to better integrate primary care and behavioral health care, improving patients’ self-management and reducing avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions.

More care for mental health is delivered in the primary care setting than in any other. Our research addresses the complex needs of people with comorbid medical and mental illness — a significant and costly portion of the patient population.

Our department has a long tradition of coordinated care between primary care practitioners and behavioral health clinicians. We maintain strong partnerships with academic psychiatry and community mental health agencies. Practicing in patient-centered medical homes, our clinicians provide evidence-based care for individuals with behavioral and medical conditions.

With this backdrop, our researchers aim to improve the quality and outcomes of care while helping fill a critical gap in services.

Research Projects

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  • Kahn, Linda

    Linda Kahn, PhD

    Research Professor, Primary Care Research Institute

    UB Downtown Gateway Department of Family Medicine 77 Goodell Street, Suite 220D Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: (716) 816-7254; Fax: (716) 845-6899