Translational Research in Communities

We engage in community-based participatory research to improve health and reduce health disparities.

We take an applied, collaborative approach to this research area, inviting community members to more actively participate in the full spectrum of our studies, from conception to completion.

Through our partnerships, we translate knowledge into practice — and into social change. At the same time, we increase awareness and understanding of UB research, equitably involving all of our academic and community partners in our process and recognizing the unique strengths each one brings to it.

Our work in this area helps improve community health, health systems, programs and policies, while reducing health disparities.

Research Projects

Research Centers/Partners


  • Tumiel Berhalter, Laurene

    Laurene Tumiel Berhalter, PhD

    Director of Community Translational Research

    UB Downtown Gateway Department of Family Medicine 77 Goodell Street, Suite 220N Buffalo, NY 14203

    Phone: 716-816-7278; Fax: 716-845-6899