Our Stories

Firsthand accounts of the Global Health Program's impact.

Aaron Van Dyne.

"We have been working with the same community twice per year for 5 years, and we have had the opportunity to build great relationships with members of the community. We are also involved in ongoing research with the Fontaine community - one student is currently working on childhood malnutrition in that community. Many people in the Fontaine community consider us an important part of their medical team - I can recall many instances where I asked a patient if they were seeing a physician for any ongoing medical problems, and they replied that our team was who they saw for any medical concerns."

Aaron Van Dyne '21
Haiti relief trip participant

Julie Garchow.

“As a medical student in the U.S., you’re usually delivering the placenta, not the baby. But in Uganda, we were able to do first assists on C-sections, supervised by a physician.”

Julie Garchow, MD ’14
Served in Uganda as a fourth-year medical student

Rahul Kapoor.

“It was a privilege to attend the meeting! It was awesome to meet and learn from individuals who have different backgrounds—culture, education, beliefs—and who are passionate, creative and inspiring. It made me grow personally and professionally. I saw old colleagues whom I hadn't seen in years, made new friends and met potential collaborators. Moreover, the lectures were amazing—well organized and thought provoking. The experience inspired me to become a part of a global service community. I hope to attend and be a contributor next year and beyond.

Rahul Kapoor, MD ’18
Attended a national global health conference in 2017