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Organizational Management

Kendall Franz’s project will evaluate shifts toward bundled payments and how they affect day-to-day operations. As part of her analysis, she plans on evaluating changes to processes and workflow, patient satisfaction and outcomes, supply chain management, resource utilization (including time, space and supplies), along with physician and staff buy-in and morale. By the end of the project, she would like to be able to recommend opportunities for improvement and/or cost savings in one or more of these categories.

Business Planning

Kyle Zittel has proposed bringing his long history of work with projects concerning management, nutrition, and health to the benefit of the Buffalo community. He has worked with Harvest Malawi, a group that seeks to teach improved agricultural practices to farmers in Malawi, as well as JSMBS’s own Global Health Interest Group and Sprouts. He hopes to implement the lessons he learned while working with Harvest Malawi to build a similar program in Buffalo that will spread knowledge about health and nutrition in a similar fashion.

Public Health and Community Initiatives

Mattie Rosi-Schumacher, Emily Benton, and Laura Reed's project focuses on medical student advocacy through academic detailing aimed at engaging physician care providers in an interactive marketing-style presentation of the most current evidence on co-prescribing naloxone in order to influence and promote optimal evidence-based patient management, increase physician and patient awareness, and provide laymen tools to decrease overdose rates. This project has the potential significance to promote the avoidance of excessively prescribed opioids, promote prescriber and patient responsibility for medications and the potential hazards of opioid misuse, and provide a tangible option for care in the event of an overdose that otherwise may not be available in a timely manner.

Medical Leadership in Emergency Medicine

Lack of trust/distrust in physicians and the healthcare system as a whole can act as a barrier to healthcare and have a negative impact on healthcare outcomes. One of the goals of UB HEALS is to build relationships with the homeless community with hopes to increase their access to healthcare and improve their healthcare outcomes. Nick Pokoj will investigate whether or not we are actually accomplishing this goal either through a series of case studies, in-depth interviews, or survey distribution. This way, we can quantitatively measure the gain in trust, if any, we’ve accomplished and whether or not that increase in trust has enabled patients to seek treatment or enabled them to seek treatment earlier.

Medical Education

Max Blumberg's project aims to change the Jacobs school grading system in the preclinical curriculum to Pass/Fail. The plan is to consult the literature, hold a community forum, survey the community, and assuming majority support, propose a motion to the Jacobs school administration that would enact the change. Following approval, a study will be designed and implemented to measure the impact of the change. Students will be surveyed periodically during the year prior to the change and the following two years after the change. The ultimate goal is to not only change the system, but also measure the impact of the change, and publish the results of the study for use by other schools.

Curriculum Development

The nature of a Medical Scientist Training Program’s (MSTP) curriculum removes the students from the clinical environment for extensive periods of time during the graduate school years of training. Leaving Medical School after the first 2 didactic years to begin Graduate school training in the lab environment gives these students a unique out look into the translational research that many work on for these years, but it also has the consequence of removing them from the actual clinic. When the graduate years are finished and these students are returned to the 3d year of Medical school’s clinical rotations, the gap of current knowledge and clinical competency can be large. Matthew McGuire's goal is to develop a through curriculum that can be integrated into the MSTP Program that will keep MSTP Students more actively involved in clinical activities throughout the Graduate School years so that the transition back to Medical School will no longer be viewed as such a monumental hurdle.

Class of 2020

Natasha Borrero
Esha Chebolu
Kendall Franz
Bryan Fregoso
Colleen Gilliland
Chelsea Marin
Matthew McGuire
Nick Pokoj
Laura Reed
Kyle Zittel

Class of 2019

Connor Arquette
Emily Benton
Max Blumberg
Dylan Constantino
Timothy Hansen
Moudi Hubeishy
Joseph Iluore
Daniil Khaitov
Mattie Rosi-Schumacher
Amanda Sherman
Jillian Smith
Alicia Supernault
Grace Trompeter
Robin Wilson