How to Apply

Apply to our program through the pre-health advisor at your school.


October of your Sophomore Year

Notify your pre-health advisor of your interest in our program to learn about the guidelines and application process

If you're nominated, you'll have a pre-qualifying interview with us.

We invite qualified students to submit an application for admission to our program.

Application deadline February 15

As a qualified applicant, you'll work with your pre-health advisor to compile your application.

Your pre-health advisor will submit your application by February 15.


You'll interview with our medical school admissions interview subcommittee.

Admission to our program is based on a holistic review of your application, with consideration for personal attributes and life experience.

Admission decision by Late May

Our admissions selection committee makes its final decision by May 15.

We'll notify you of our decision soon after.

Get Started

Contact your school's pre-health advisor to find out more about our program and to start your application.