Current Students


Justin Harvey.

Hi everyone, my name is Justin Harvey and I’m from Buffalo, N.Y. I became interested in medicine because I enjoy how complex it can be and because I will have the ability to help people each and every day. I’m interested in pursuing a career in surgery in order to use my hand skills to heal patients. My experience in EOPIM has been great. Being accepted early on in my undergraduate education eliminated a lot of stress about getting into medical school. I was paired with an amazing mentor during my summer research project that really helped show me what modern medicine entails and provided me with invaluable skills to be a force of change to improve it in the future. Some of my interests include snowboarding, cycling, traveling, eating at all of the amazing restaurants in Buffalo, and being a part of Bills Mafia. If you have any questions about EOPIM or what Buffalo is like feel free to reach out!

Aswad Jackson.

I am from Raymond, Mississippi. I chose to pursue medicine because I want to have an impact in my own community and state. In Mississippi, we have some of the worst health outcomes across the nation, and I would like to contribute towards changing these statistics. Primary care interest me now, but as always, I am keep all options open.  My experience in EOPIM has been great. I am the second student from Tougaloo College to matriculate into this medical program. I would like to continue to mentor and help people experience the opportunity that I did.  My interests include going to the gym to workout, playing basketball, and giving back to my community. Fun fact: My favorite player is Lebron James. My hope one day is to sit down with him and have a conversation.


Gabriel Gomez-Chaves.


Courtney Mangum.

I am a native of Jackson, Mississippi, where I earned my Bachelors of Science degree from Tougaloo College. Upon graduation, I continued my studies at the Jacobs School of Medicine at the University at Buffalo through the EOPIM program in 2017. I chose medicine because I have always had a niche for the biomedical sciences and I am adamant about health disparities in my community. I am interested in specializing in primary care and working in a private practice in a rural community. I uphold having a work/life balance and in my spare time I am a blogger and podcaster. I have also created a scholarship for those underrepresented minorities interested in medicine who currently attend my undergraduate institution.

Jalisa Kelly.