Interview and Selection Criteria

In our quest to train individuals with the capacity to develop into skilled and compassionate physicians, and passionate physician scientists, we review holistically every application we receive.

Holistic evaluation means that we assess your academic performance and MCAT score in the context of many factors, such as your life experiences and background, your integrity and intellectual curiosity, your research and clinical experiences, your leadership roles and community engagement.

The medical school and MD-PhD admissions committees evaluate your efforts spent in shadowing physicians or volunteering in clinical service as one criteria for evaluating your interest and informed pursuit of a career in medicine. The earlier this experience begins, the stronger a commitment to a career in medicine is forged.

Regardless of your major, you must have completed at least half of your prerequisite courses before applying, and the remainder before matriculation. Most applicants have completed many or all required courses and some advanced level courses before applying.


For the 2020-2021 Admissions season, all interview sessions will be conducted virtually.

We conduct interviews from September through January.

You must meet the criteria to be invited for an interview for admission to the MD-PhD Program.

If invited, both the Medical Admissions Committee and MD-PhD Admissions Committee will interview you.

You are eligible for interview by the Medical Admissions Committee if you are not invited to interview for the MD-PhD Program.

Committee Decisions and Notifications

As part of our rolling acceptance process, the MD-PhD Admissions Committee meets between September and January.

Candidates are ranked during meetings, taking into account holistic scores and personal interactions.

Candidates can only be accepted to the MD-PhD if they also meet the requirements for admission to the medical school. Candidates rejected for admission to the medical school will not be considered for admission to the MD-PhD.

Candidate who are ranked but not yet admitted to the medical school, according to their ranking on the rolling admissions list by the Medical School Admissions Committee, are not considered rejected and remain viable candidates for admission to the MD-PhD.

Candidate rejected by the MD-PhD are still eligible for admission to the medical school.

If accepted to the MD-PhD, you must respond within two weeks from the date of your acceptance and submit a $100 acceptance deposit, refundable until May 15.