Admissions Requirements

Before applying to our school, make sure you meet all of our admission requirements.

To apply to our medical school, you must:

  • be either a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident
  • have completed two full years or 60 credit hours of higher education in the U.S. or Canada
  • have taken the MCAT within three years of applying
  • have completed at least half of the prerequisite courses
  • submit three letters of recommendation—one from a science professor—or a prehealth committee letter of recommendation

We accept letters of recommendation only through the AMCAS Letter Service. Do not send letters to our school.

We require a minimum of three letters, but you may send more.

We highly recommended that you request some letters from faculty or professional evaluators who are very familiar with your research experience and potential.

Required and Recommended Courses

Although you’re not required to earn a bachelor’s degree in one of the sciences for admission to our school, you must complete at least half of the prerequisite courses before applying—and, if accepted, complete the balance before you matriculate.

Required Courses

You must take the following undergraduate courses:

  • Biology with a lab (with not more than one semester of botany): 2 semesters
  • Chemistry with a lab: 2 semesters
  • Organic chemistry with a lab: 2 semesters
  • General physics (lab optional): 2 semesters
  • English: 2 semesters

Recommended Courses

We encourage you to augment your prerequisite courses with instruction in the following:

Social Sciences

We recommend that you take four courses in this discipline, considered as important for prospective medical students as those in the physical and biological sciences.


In addition to the prerequisite English courses, we recommend that you take two humanities courses.

Additional Courses

Based on our curriculum, we strongly encourage you to take a statistics course as well as courses in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology.

We encourage you to augment your prerequisite courses with advanced science or engineering courses that meet your interests.

Recommended Research Experience

Research experience gives you a level of expertise and understanding above that achieved in standard laboratory courses.

Outstanding applicants to our program have significant research experience either within a structured program or as a volunteer or staff member. They have also published their research and presented it at professional conference presentations.