Faculty member and a trainee in a lab.

From your entry into our program, mentors will work closely with you to maximize the benefits from your clinical training and research.

Your MD-PhD faculty advisor will help you maximize your educational experience throughout your studies. Once you enter the PhD program, your thesis advisor will guide your research and further career preparation.

MD-PhD Faculty Advisor

Your MD-PhD faculty advisor helps you select courses, balance extracurricular activities and find appropriate electives, and evaluates your performance and progress, especially during the MD component.

Your advisor will be a member of the MD-PhD steering committee, although other faculty members can participate in this role under exceptional circumstances and when justified. Your MD-PhD faculty advisor may also serve as a non-voting member of your PhD thesis committee.

PhD Thesis Advisor

In your second MD year, you select your PhD thesis advisor and committee.

Once these are approved, you matriculate into the graduate department and begin your PhD work the summer following your second MD year.

Your PhD thesis advisor will maintain close contact with you and the MD-PhD steering committee regarding your progress through the PhD program to safeguard against potential problems.

You must keep your MD-PhD faculty advisor and your PhD thesis advisor informed of all research activities and problems or events that might affect your progress.

MD-PhD Steering Committee

The MD-PhD steering committee is composed of some of the leading basic and clinical scientists at UB as well as two student representatives. The steering committee supports and encourages positive attitudes in our students and reinforces the quality and standards of the program.