Cellular and Molecular Biology

The MD-PhD required curriculum for the PhD consists of 72 credit hours from required and elective courses, drawn from these lists.

Prerequisites from the first two years of medical education curriculum

IMC 502 Fundamentals I 7.2 cr
IMC 504 Fundamentals II 3.8 cr
IMC 510 GI and Metabolism 5.5 cr
IMC 500 Hematology 1.0 cr
IMC 602 Cardiovascular 7.2 cr
IMC 604 Pulmonary 8.0 cr
IMC 606 Endocrine 3.3 cr
Laboratory Rotations
    36.0 cr

Cellular and Molecular Biology programmatic requirements

RPN 530 Oncology for Scientists I 4.0 cr
BIR 501/502 Graduate Seminar (Fall/Spring)
1.0 cr/sem
BIR 571 Regulatory Mechanisms of Eukary Cell
4.0 cr
BIR 577 Tools & Models for Mole Onco 3.0 cr
MST 601/602
MD-PhD Seminar
1.0 cr/sem
BIR 601/602 PhD Research 20-23.0 cr

You may take BIR 530, Interferons and Cytokines, for 3.0 credits as an MD-PhD/Cellular & Molecular Biology elective, or electives in other departments.

*You are required to attend the graduate school seminar course each semester after prerequisites have been completed. You are also required to attend the MD-PhD seminars in all years of the program (providing your clinical rotations allow).