Molecular and Cellular Biophysics and Biochemistry

The MD-PhD required curriculum for the PhD consists of 72 credit hours from required and elective courses, drawn from these lists.

Prerequisites from the first two years of medical education curriculum

ANA 500 Anatomy 6.0 cr
IMC 502 Foundations I 7.2 cr
IMC 504 Foundations II 3.8 cr
IMC 510 GE & Metabolism 5.0 cr
IMC 602 Cardiovascular 6.0 cr
IMC 604 Pulmonary 8.0 cr
    36.0 cr

Molecular and Cellular Biophysics and Biochemistry requirements

You must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of formal course work. In addition, you are required to participate in the Journal Club seminars (BPR 601 and 602) during each of your first four semesters. Upon completion of the required courses, you may take a qualifying examination, which includes writing and defending a research proposal.

BPR 503 Molecular Biophysics
3.0 cr
BPR 577 Tools and Models for Molecular Oncology 3.0 cr
BPR 601 and 602* Journal Club 1.0 cr each
BPR 603 PhD Research variable
MST 601 MD-PhD Seminar 1.0 cr
RPN 530 Oncology for Scientists 1 4.0 cr
RPN 532 Oncology for Scientists 2 4.0 cr
RPN 541 Ethics and Conduct of Research 1.0 cr

*You are required to take BPR 601 and 602 during your first four semesters.

In addition, a graduate level biochemistry course is required.  

Elective courses

Based upon your research area and interests, and in consultation with your PhD supervisor and the director of graduate studies, you may choose from the following electives offered by graduate programs at UB and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center:

BPR 501 Cell-Cell and Cell-Substrate Contact Phenomena  
BPR 524 Drug Delivery: Principles & Application  
BPR 525 Cancer Radiobiology  
BPR 526 Radiation Biophysics  
BPR 550 Radiation Therapy & Medical Physics 2 (Brachytherapy)
BPR 572 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BPR 608 Med Physics Practicum