Internships and Rotations

Biomedical Sciences

Pursue your interests and gain on-the-job experience at an internship site you choose.

“This experience provided me with an inside look at a medical practice. It was an unbelievable opportunity; I was given the power to make changes and decisions that would not normally be available to a student my age. ”
Student intern
program evaluation

These credit-bearing opportunities let you apply what you learn in your courses in real-world situations. As an approved major in biomedical sciences, you may design an internship at an on- or off-campus biomedical sciences facility whose primary focus is clinical, business, research or journalistic.

To formally apply for an internship, you will need to fill out the application with details on your time commitment and duties. You, your proposed site supervisor and the BMS program director will need to approve and sign your application.

Making Your Internship Work

To complete a successful internship, follow these steps.

  • Design your internship: In consultation with the program director, choose a general setting or a specific site and make arrangements for it to take place.
  • Submit a signed BMS 496 contract to the program director before the drop/add deadline.
  • Schedule a midsemester site visit with the internship coordinator.
  • Spend three hours at the site per week for each hour of course credit you will earn; a four-credit-hour internship requires 12 hours’ work per week.
  • Keep a daily log of your work experiences.
  • Keep an attendance roster that specifies the dates and times you work.
  • Write a two to three page report reflecting on your experience.

You must submit your daily log, attendance roster and final report to the program director by the last day of classes.

Program Director

Shubert, David

David Shubert, PhD

Assistant Dean Biomedical Undergraduate Education; Assistant Professor

3435 Main Street 40 Biomedical Education Building Depart. Pharmacology/ Toxicology Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: 716-829-2194


For questions about internship opportunities in the biomedical sciences major, contact:

Director of Enrollment Management

Kelli Hickey.

Kelli Hickey


Enrollment Management & Biomedical Undergraduate Education

40 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: 716-829-3005