Admissions and Student Life

The Admissions and Student Life subcommittee is charged with Standards 10 (Medical Student Selection, Assignment and Progress), 11 (Medical Student Academic Support, Career Advising and Educational Records) and 12 (Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling and Financial Aid Services).


Member Position Department

Andrea T. Manyon, MD


Co-Chair Student Affairs Family Medicine

Charles M. Severin, MD, PhD


Co-Chair Office of Medical Education  

Michael S. Adragna, MD


Member Psychiatry  

Helen H. Cappuccino, MD


Member Surgery  

Jonathan D. Daniels, MD


Member Admissions  
Mitchell Eyerman Member Student  
Samantha Frank Member Student  

Stacey Komendat


Member Office of Medical Education  

Michelle M. Gonzalez


Member Financial Aid  

John Gottardy


Member Financial Aid  

Nicole B. Griffo


Member Financial Aid  

Natalie Gugino, MD


Member Psychiatry  

Dori R. Marshall, MD


Member Medical Education and Admissions Psychiatry

Denise M. Mcguigan


Member Family Medicine  

James J. Rosso


Member Office of Medical Admissions  

A. John Ryan Jr., MD


Member Medicine  

John A. Sellick Jr., DO


Member Medicine  

Nicholas J. Silvestri, MD


Member Neurology