The Education subcommittee is charged with Standards 6 (Competencies, Curricular Objectives and Curricular Design), 7 (Curricular Content) and 8 (Curricular Management, Evaluation and Enhancement).


Member Position Department  

Lisa Jane Jacobsen, MD


Co-Chair Medical Curriculum Obstetrics and Gynecology  

Daniel W. Sheehan, PhD, MD


Co-Chair Medical Curriculum Pediatrics  
Aarti Agarwal Member Student    
Max Blumberg Member Student    

Christopher S. Cohan, PhD


Member Pathology and Anatomical Sciences    

Susan J. Gallagher, MD


Member Medicine    

Carrie Gillings


Member Office of Medical Curriculum    

Stuart D. Inglis, PhD


Member Pathology and Anatomical Sciences    

Faye E. Justicia-Linde, MD


Member Obstetrics and Gynecology    
Scott Ketcham Member Student    

Nasir Khan, MD


Member Medicine    
Mark Lawler Member Student    
Tricia Mathew Member Student    

Archana Mishra, MD


Member Medicine    

Patricia J. Ohtake, PhD


Member Interprofessional Education Rehabilitation Sciences  

Linda F. Pessar, MD


Member Psychiatry    

Alfred S. Ponticelli, PhD


Member Biochemistry    

Donna Sue Quirk


Member Pediatric Medical Education Office  
Evan Shaw Member Student  

Andrew B. Symons, MD


Member Family Medicine Medical Student Education

Bruce R. Troen, MD


Member Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine Medicine

Wayne R. Waz, MD


Member Pediatrics Nephrology

Karen L. Zinnerstrom, PhD


Member Clinical Competency Center